Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Invisible Threads

Aren't these beautiful & meaningful words to live by. It would be so much easier to just take the golden threads, but how uninteresting life would be without the challenges the coarse ones throw us too! I think we all have one or two friends that fall into that category, you have to work really hard at maintaining the relationship & sometimes you question why you keep persevering. And I think I may have fallen into the coarse thread category myself at times! But in the end if you are able to weave them together & your life's fabric is one of great joy, then fortune has truly smiled on you.

With everything else that's been happening, it was remiss of me not to thank you all for the lovely messages left on last Friday's post. Reading them over the weekend truly made my heart overflow! I really felt as though I'd been out somewhere wonderful, having that metaphorical celebratory drink with everyone! I can certainly manage without my work colleagues, but I would struggle without my dear Hedgies (MOTH's word for all the friends of The Laurel Hedge!)


  1. That is beautiful Millie.
    You are my first read of the the day today, and what a lovely way to start it....
    Rachael X

  2. Dear Millie, you deserve such kudos & I do hope you enjoyed your metaphorical celebration drinks.

    I have tagged you for a 'show us your blogging space' game - I hope you don't mind and that you will play along. Lee :)

  3. So happy to see a post from you Millie. You have been on my mind- there seems no end to all that's going on there. Hope that this finds you well.

  4. Millie...Such a lovely post. Those really are beautiful words to live by. I am honored to be a Hedgie.

  5. Millie, you are a truly lovely woman and it's so obvious in all of your words and posts. It's only natural that all of us who visit daily would care very much about your well being!

    Hugs to you!

  6. Just beautiful's fun to be a Hedgie!!! Dzintra XX

  7. Just beautiful Millie. A-M xx

  8. I'd be honoured to be called a Hedgie!
    Lovely post - not just for the wonderful and true words, but also for the beautiful text, my current obsession!
    Hope you and MOTH have sorted out your 'differences' at Beaumont and have come to a happy compromise...if not, keep working on him!

  9. Dear Millie i'm so happy to receive a post from you...because you have been in my mind in these days!!!I was anxious for you!!! Now i'm very happy!
    ... very beautiful words!
    Kiss Mate

  10. Dear Millie,

    You have started my day with a gift. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words.


  11. I am so sorry Millie for the terrible disasters in your area, I have been reading your previous posts and I wanted to send my love.
    Beautiful words
    Love Lynn xx


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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