Sunday, May 29, 2011

Close Your Eyes Kate

Thanks everyone for your very warm Welcome Back messages, I've now emerged from hours spent doing a mountain of laundry & clearing all the paths around the house from the mass of wet Autumn leaves that threatened to engulf us! Jac asked to see my HK purchases, & while they're many & varied, this one is the stand-out, I am now the proud Owner of my very own Kate Spade handbag.

And Kate, if you happen to be reading this, I suggest you close your eyes now dear, as the model for this shoot isn't exactly one of your normal gorgeous girls. That's MOTH's hairy arm it's hanging from & believe me, he wasn't doing the thumbs up sign as I passed over the VISA card in the store to pay for this beauty.

I just love the spotted fabric lining, as Model MOTH's displaying so well. It had it's first run out at the Pub last night, where we met Son #5 & his fiancee the gorgeous Miss A. for an Engagement Party planning session. I could hardly bear to put it down on the Pub floor while I ate, sorry Kate.



  1. That's a mighty fine purse you've got there ma'am!

  2. She is gorgeous!!!!

    Welcome back Millie.


  3. THANK YOU for clarifying the model. I didn't dare think that the hairy arm was yours! hope you had a fabulous trip dear Millie. So good to have you back! x

  4. Welcome back Millie and so glad that you came home with a lovely handbag.
    Hope that you had a fabulous time and always a groan to come back to a pile of laundry. When do you start your new job? Best wishes

    Hugs & have a great new week

  5. A beautiful purchase Mill's and, may I say, modelled so expertly by the lovely Kate MOTH ( get it ? Kate MOTH....Kate Moss !!!! haha)
    I think that if any model agencies are reading your blog, they will be on the phone, before you can say Louis Vuitton !!
    Thanks for fulfilling my request.....what a beauty and, I'm sure that there are a few more purchases that could fill a few posts !!
    I bet that you and MOTH are so excited about son #5's engagement.
    Congrats to him and Miss. A. XXXX

  6. Hmmm, perhaps some manscaping would be in order before his next handbag modelling gig! Great bag and the lining is divine.

  7. Oh Millie it is just devine - guess where my hubby is at the moment - in the US for work and as payment for 2 weeks of leaving me my top requirement was for him to bring home a Kate Spade handbag - may just have send him a link to your blog as that is just perfect!! There is no way mine will see the floor of a pub either!! Welcome home xx Leanne xx

  8. Good help is hard to find. My husband would NOT model a handbag for me - kudos to MOTH. It really is too lovely a bag to put on the pub floor. Have you seen the purse hanger/hooks that sit on the table edge? the weight of the bag keeps them from slipping off, keeps the bag off the floor and they are small and lightweight enough to keep in the bag.

  9. Maybe the MOTH could find work as an arm model!!! Just a thought. Welcome back. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Now you have your new job to look forward to! Good luck...

  10. Welcome back! Great bag, I love, love, LOVE the lining! Nicolex

  11. Well done to your model for displaying the bag so well! ;)

    As Joyful Things says, there is a bag clip thing you can get that hooks on pub tables so you don't have to put your bag on the floor. It looks far too pretty to be anywhere near a pub floor!

  12. You should go away more often if you can come back with a spiffing hand bag each time. Bet MOTH's really trying to pinch it off you, isn't he? Go on! You can tell us ;-)

  13. Welcome home, Millie - looks like a great Kate Spade!!

  14. Welcome home Millie. So pleased you had such an amazing time. Hong Kong is a fabulous city. Love your new bag - the spotty lining would have grabbed me instantly too. Think it will look a lot better on your arm though! Hope you're settling in this week. When does the new job start?Amanda xx

  15. Miss Millie, I think you should trademark that "hairy arm" or else you will see Kate's next ad campaign with nothing but handsome Aussies holding her bags!!
    love your new purse!!



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