Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Bit Of A Fizzer

Well dear Hedgies another Easter came & went in a cloud of 'I will do this & that' but I actually achieved little. I had a whole list of projects to tick off, least of all trying my hand at sawing our hideous front door in half, performing some nifty surgery to the top & installing some glass & voila, a great Dutch door just the one in the pic. Sadly after MOTH caught me unscrewing the door from it's hinges & 'requested' a detailed explanation of my intentions, my big Easter project was suddenly derailed, surprise, surprise. Even though he hasn't got the slightest understanding of Pinterest, he reckons it has a lot to answer for.

We were kindly invited to meet the other set of prospective grandparents for the first time over lunch on Easter Monday. MOTH's been laid low by that most horrendous of medical maladies.....the Man Cold, but managed to get his act together long enough to accompany me. Once again I had to pull out the List of Things Not To Talk About In Front Of Strangers To Make A Good First Impression. He managed to adhere to most of them, but I noticed the other Glammie rolling her eyes a couple of times at a little tid-bit of family scandal he couldn't help but share with her. Sadly I was too far way at the table to give him a gentle 'tap' on the leg, so far more was revealed than was necessary. Anyways, these things are always scary, but when MOTH's involved my anxiety is lifted to whole new levels.

I've just enrolled puppy Lulu in a Calm. Controlled. Centred 4 week training course, but I reckon Alexis at Scholars in Collars could retire to the Bahamas in a nanosecond if she did swapped dogs for husbands in her workshops. I'd be willing to pay double mate.

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  1. "Scholars in Collars"...what a brilliant name!!

    It must be an interesting experience meeting the other grandparents....glad it went well!

    Aussie Masterchef seems to be on all the time on one of our TV channels, every time it comes on I think of MOTH ;)

    Hope the new job is going well Millie XX

  2. I can totally understand you wishing to attack the front door and give it a makeover. Not that I've ever sawed one of our front doors in half but...
    Husbands can be such killjoys when we embark on our remodelling kicks.
    Moth sounds like a wonderful dinner party companion Millie, never a dull moment and fabulous for keeping the conversation interesting!

  3. I think our Harvey needs to become a scholar too! Pity we are so far away. The lady at the boarding kennels said 'he could do with some training'. Whoops. xx

  4. This made me really laugh out loud (refuse to abbreviate!) there's really nothing like a husband with a "man-cold"....misery personified, as well as one that just doesn't "get" the fact that his wife would like to remove a door and saw it in half.....where's the imagination???
    I recall some time ago you mentioned that he had a bit of a crush on Justine from Masterchef...does he know that she's on every afternoon on the "Food" channel (foxtel) with her own show, and does a great job...
    May help him with recovery from the misery and sickness....
    As an avid reader with a dodgy knee, good to hear that all is going well for you in your new job
    Good luck with the door...thank goodness for Pinterest, and images to hope for "one day"

  5. Hi Millie, don't give up on the door project, I'm still trying to work out how much timber I will need for my new chicken house project, and then how to put a roof on it, wish me luck.x

  6. You're funny!

    Love the Pinterest inspiration pic for your door! xx

  7. Don't give up on the door Millie!!! Aw Gaaaawd, there's nothing like a MAN COLD is there...Ha Ha everytime I see Justine I think of Moth xoxo

  8. Hilarious Millie! Can imagine you desperately trying to kick him under the table. Gotta have one in every family. Just for laughs. xx

  9. You were gonna saw your door in half LOL...well I DO love the idea!

    Man colds :/ 'nuff said.

  10. Oh Mills, you do make me laugh. I adore your sense of humour. I hope MOTH relents about the door - what a fabulous idea. And thanks for your sweet note - it made my day. J x

  11. I'm sorry that Moth has a man cold - they're the worst!!

    I hope your puppy enjoys her school! I agree that there should be 4 week training classes for husbands, although I doubt that four weeks will be long enough to whip my husband into shape! :)

  12. You have a great sense of humor, Millie!!!!
    I love it.
    Have a nice rest of week.

  13. Love that you grabbed that screwdriver Millie..a woman with determination.i love it! As to getting that baby cut in half, sanded and rehinged.. I would have loved to have seen that. Don't give up!
    Man Cold..the worst ailment ever. Mr. H has one now and insists AC be set at 27...I am 23 at night, minimum, the debate carries on. Don't know what will happen when we move to HCMC.. :)

    As for families, mine is a group of wild cards, they call a spade a spade no matter who is in the room. Mr. H's family is the exact opposite. I have spent last 25 years keeping them apart. My kids are now wise to it all and think it is hysterical...watching me.. I can totally relate Millie. :)
    Our dog Tika, 10 years on, still pees at the delight of greeting guests..this involve me running out the door and telling them to beware the wagging tail. She flunked dog school, won't bring the ball back either, she thinks is is amusing to have us chase her for it.

    Never a dull moment around here...that's why I love your blog..same at your place too. :)
    Have a great one Millie!
    Jeanne xx

  14. Oh Millie, you are so funny... do hope that you get the Dutch door, maybe when Moth is over the man cold.
    As for the gentle tap on the leg, can relate to this.
    Hope that Lulu enjoys dog school, and comes back a bright little scholar.

    Happy Thursday

  15. Can't believe what a spoilsport that MOTH can be! Your project was obviously a great idea, and would have been dead easy for a girl like you to pull off in an afternoon. :)! Love your dutch door picture

    best wishes

  16. What a party pooper that MOTH is, and on your wedding anniversary too! Must have been a really fun anniversary what with the man cold and all! And they say romance is dead! Really pleased to hear that the new job is going so well. You 'sound' so happy, which is just perfect - and now to be a very young Nonna too. All is as it should be in your world my friend. Hope that MOTH is feeling better soon too. xx


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