Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well dear Hedgies what would you do with an old run-down abandoned historic theatre turned bank in Monza, just outside of Milan.

Yep you got it......drop a whole heap of Euros into a architect's bank account & let him transform it into a pretty awesome home!

Yes it's super white on white, jolly hard to clean & quite austere & minimalistic. But check out the way the daylight dances through a huge glass atrium that stretches up to meet a vaulted ceiling.

And yes, heating & cooling would be a challenge & require an income akin to a Russian oligarch.

But I LOVE it! Gorgeous Boffi kitchen & all. And masses of cupboards for stashing away all the detritus of everyday life.

12 metre high ceilings - hooley dooley.

An indoor garden to drool over from the dining table.

Bedrooms up on what would have been the old theatre's gallery level.

More Boffi influence in the bathrooms.

So there it is, a home not for everyone, but I'd be quite happy for architect Piero Lissoni & his mates to design me something when I come into some spare Euros. 

It's been another hectic week at my happy place of work, & I've been el slacko out in bloggie Wonderland. I miss you all & hope to drop by soon. I've tried cruising on my iPad sitting by the fire at night, but it's having some 'technical' difficulties leaving comments. This has only happened since dear old Blogger changed its format recently, & it's too cold to head upstairs to the office to use the PC ...sorry! The dodgy left knee is giving me grief & wasn't helped on Thursday when I stepped on a toy of puppy Lulu's that I hadn't seen lurking & went for a dive knee first onto the hard floor boards in my high heels. To say the pain was similar to childbirth would be an apt description! We are all OK here & Son #4 promises me his Guest Post is almost complete. And MOTH's half way through painting the big home office, which is last room to complete upstairs....hooray!



  1. Hi Millie - So nice to hear from you! That Italian home is fantastic. Love all the white and bright sunlight. I hope you have a relaxing and wonderful weekend.

  2. I think something like that house would be cool to visit (boutique hotel, perhaps?), but I couldn't imagine living there year round!

    I'm sorry about your fall - I hope you're feeling better soon! {{{hugs}}}

  3. 12 metre high ceilings??!! I presume that Russian oligarchs don't have to worry about cobwebs. Amazing piece of architecture Millie!
    Sorry about your fall, you didn't need that

    have a lovely weekend anyways

  4. Want that house! Like a very cool museum, but you know how I love white! My favorite is the glassed garden atrium. And, please don't be mad at Lulu....she didn't mean it. She'll pick up next time. That's what I tell myself about Panda and Mocha ;)

  5. OUCH on the Knee! sorry hear about your fall.
    Tell Lulu that we have forgiven her but that she is officially "on the WATCH list" now. lol

    The photos in this post are amazing, but I must confess that they had an unsettling effect on me.
    The pics caused me to look around at my house and see everything that needs to be cleaned this weekend.

    GADS...I could never live in an all white house, cause it within a months time it would no longer be an all white house. I am certain that despite my best efforts it would soon be known as
    "The Spotted Dalmation House" lol.

    But honestly the photos show that it really is an beautiful place.
    And you are right about the sunlight filtering through...Very peaceful.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    In Him,

  6. Wouldn't it be Fun to go on a guided tour of this transformed space. Imagine cleaning it though?
    Sorry to hear about your knee mishap, as my mum would say 'these things are meant to try us'. Love ya mum.
    And I'm annoyed with blogger too because the ability to publish comments from my iPhone has vamoosed into thin air since the changes and I'm not happy Jan.

  7. Would all the inhabitants have to wear cream and white only?

    Seriously, though, tis rather nice with the play of light and shadow through. Very, very dramatic.

    Sorry to hear about this awful fall. Oh, ouch, ouch, if you compare it with childbirth I know instantly what you mean on the pain scale!!!! Hope it settles down as quickly as possible.

  8. I do love it Mill's and could quite easily live there, but it reminds me a bit, of a prison ( not that I've ever been in one !)
    I am SO looking forward to son #4's post.....he seems to be throwing himself into it !!
    Hope that the knee pain was just at the time of the fall and not continuous. Only three treats a day for Lulu and ten minutes on the naughty cushion !
    Tell #4 son to get his finger out and finish that post !!!! XXXX

  9. this is striking!!!

    the soaring glass is what grabbed me,
    and never let me go.

    and i really am drawn to the floating cabinets, bed etc etc.


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  11. i have been slacko in blogland as well and was thrilled to see your smiling face and comment today! oh dear friend i hope this finds you doing really well and happy.... xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Hope the knee is healing - it is such a pain when something of that sort happens and then I think about all the folks that live with that sort of limitations all the time and then I do not feel so badly.

    It looks like a fun place to visit but not my style of living. One could never have a thing out of place.


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