Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thanks Dr. Jung

This has so jolted me into action, thanks Dr. Jung. There's no contest - for me the answer to the thought Jung posed just has to be reading. Books, books & more books. Words made my day as a little girl & still do 50 something years on. 

The Hedge started its life off as a place for posting pretty pictures, but it soon became apparent that the comments I made about the images seemed to pique your interest more. So it morphed into something different & I liked that.

To walk my talk, I've joined a couple of creative writing groups, it's fun & I'm happy. My promise to self has been to write a 1000 words a day of a story I've had roaming around in my head for ages. I started it years ago & then abandoned it, for no good reason. I pulled the rough synopsis out a few weeks ago, read it & much to my surprise thought, I'd like to read the book & find out what happens to those characters.  Except there wasn't a book. Four chapters later & while I'm not exactly on a roll, it's starting to take shape. Wish me luck.

What would your answer be to Dr. Jung's poser?
P.S.It's lovely to be back.



  1. welcome back Millie, I've missed you and you're thoughts.
    Much luck with the writing...sounds like fun!!!

  2. Oh Millie it was so nice to see a little ! beside your feed in my Inbox. A big hug to welcome you back, we've missed you and your witty comments. Have fun with the writing, sounds just like your cup of tea.

    Now what did I do to make the hours feel like minutes? Mmmm, not sure. I was always a do-er and never bored. (Wasn't allowed to be) I guess craft, and gardening and moving my bedroom around. Probably a bit like I do now! Whaddya know?

    Jennifer xx

  3. Great to hear from you Millie. Re question, I read a lot ... love reading still and I roamed around our farm building all sorts of things and playing make believe games with my siblings (okay, maybe a fair bit of fighting too :) xxx

  4. I love this quote. I have an Aunt that retired 2 years ago from teaching and she struggled with what she was to do with her time. I asked her this question, "what did you love doing as a child?" She loved riding horses and being apart of the rodeo. She now has 5 horses, one that was born 3 weeks ago as a surprise to her and she is happy. This is where my son has been hanging out all summer. I myself would build Barbie malls out of my friends enormous Barbie stash and organize their drawers and rooms (their moms loved it when I would come over). The only way I would clean my own room was to push everything into a big pile in the middle and rearrange the whole thing until everything was back in its new place (lots of nail holes and scotch tape on the walls). I'm still playing shop and organizing and my store's walls are filled with nails and nail holes just like my room only there are no poster taped to the ceiling. I better watch out now, I might find myself as a character in a best selling book. This would be an awesome problem to have. Love ya, Heidi

  5. I rearranged the furniture! I was so lucky to have a mother who told me of my gifts! "You can visualize" (that means I can see the entire room.....way before it is installed!!()!

    "Color memory"! I thought everyone had it!

    It is a huge gift to have a parent who knows your unusual gifts....and tells you!


  6. i have recently become friends with a woman who has written a book.
    it is fascinating.
    you can do it too!


  7. Welcome back Millie - you are often in my thoughts.
    Great quote and thanks for sharing. We were always going for bike rides in the country and would be gone all day - would take a picnic and explore the countryside.
    Much luck too, with your book and I look forward to reading it.
    My husband is writing a book too and sits in the evening adding a few more pages to it.

    Hope all is well with you and your family ( hope the bionic knee is going well)

  8. Read... that was me too... and decorate my room!! Nothing has changed... Glad you are writing... when can we read those magical 1000's... ? xv


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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