Thursday, December 1, 2011

Classic MOTH

MOTH had momentary control of the remote last night & while channel surfing stumbled across that UK telly show One Born Every Minute. After watching a poor hapless Pommie woman in noisy labour attempting to deliver a very large baby, he yelled out to me ' Ya know Mills, babies should be born small & then pumped up afterwards like a footy.' Yep his form is back, along with the well deserved improvement of his crook back!



  1. Three cheers for MOTH.
    You gave me my first laugh out loud moment today my friend and I'll be holding onto it as sustenance tonight as we face the torture that is the end of year primary school concert.....sigh.

  2. Hi Millie,

    So glad to hear the Moth is on the mend.
    I am sure many other Ladies would agree with him.

    Happy Thursday

  3. After producing a 9lb and 1/2oz baby myself, I concur with MOTH's suggestion.

    Jennifer xx

  4. I'm so with you on that one Moth!

  5. so wise, so wise..... you are one lucky lady millie xx

  6. Haha.....good old MOTH. He really does come out with some gems ! Our grandson was 9lb 9oz so, our daughter-in-law would be in complete agreement with MOTH.
    I have watched 'One Born Every Minute' a few times. It's such a good insight of how different people deal with childbirth !!!!
    Hope you are coping OK with the new job Mill's. XXXX

  7. millie

    you are married to a wise man.


  8. I much prefered delivering my 8 lb. girl to twins....but of course those boys of mine had paved the way with somewhat of a red carpet for their celeb of a sister. We do call her lady gaga often.

  9. Childbirth is a natural and beautiful event, without need for drugs or epidurals...Yeah Right:-)


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