Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thinking, Thinking

I washed & ironed 6 director's chair covers on Saturday arvo. I can think of better things to do with my time & yes, it's pretty apparent that I don't have enough to occupy my unstimulated brain at present.

MOTH's been trying to cheer me up & suggested all sorts of ideas for a change of jobs for me next year. He still doesn't understand why I can't be making $100K.+ a year with The Hedge. If I hear him say one more time 'Geez Mills, get cracking & get a few big sponsors & we'll be on easy street!' I'll take to him with my designer Uzi. However a recent comment by a certain lovely chum on her blog 'Isn't Millie's blog great? I think she should have her own reality show. With MOTH doing the renos in the background. It could be the Kardashians meets The Block.' has got me thinking. Over the years there have been frequent suggestions along the same line. So is it time to think radically outside the square, do an audition tape & pitch the idea to the unsuspecting network bosses for Behind The Hedge - a reality TV show. Of course just like the Kardashian's, that would mean all the boys, their partners, assorted pets & rusty cars would have to move home. Yep that would work. What do you think dear Hedgies? And if you'd like to give me some ammo for my network submission, & I reckon about 1m. Absolutely's! might just clinch it, please do vote in the poll below - ta!



  1. Milly no doubt my chair would be pulled up front and centre to my HD TV!!! You & MOTH could entertain me until the cows come home.

    If you need sponsorship and endorsements have your people talk to my people!!!

    Oh Milly - change just gets harder as we get older doesn't it? I try to chill but I feel the cry of the unknown just wanting to eek out! Heres to a new beginning in 2012 for us all.

    If I don't get a chance to say next week, 'Happy Holidays' to you, MOTH and your whole wonderful family.
    xx Deb

  2. I'd be willing to throw in my aversion to reality TV towel for that one Millie :)
    It sucks having to earn the bucks somewhere that requires you to be cheered up. Write that perfect money earning/job characteristics list, burn it and offer it up to ye olde universe. You might be surprised what 2012 brings.
    Enjoy your Christmas. Make sure there's someone with a handycam attending :)

  3. Well, if it gets those Kardashians off our screens & newspapers, I'm all for it!!

    And if MOTH needs to come to London for some additional reporting, we have a spare room - and a bathroom that could use some work....always happy to help.

    Of course TV will involve the requisite fillers, lipo, boob jobs etc MOTH prepared? Not to mention, vow renewals, the possibilities really are endless.

    Oh, I'm excited at the very thought of it, Christmas really is here ;) X

  4. I would tune in for sure Millie! I can just see it funny banter and laughing between you and your Moth while cleaning fish over that sink you guys put in(still a fab idea I think)fish scales flying here and there. lol Anyhoo Not kidding I really do love peepin in on your life why not!?

  5. We want Millie! We want Millie! OK, MOTH too! OK, MOTH too!

  6. I'd love to see a Behind the Hedge show! Why don't you do something over the weekend and post it on your blog! :)

  7. I think that 'Behind The Hedge' is a wonderful title for a reality show and you and MOTH would be brilliant on it Mill's. Could Mr Home and I make a guest appearance ? XXXX

  8. Hey Millie, you had me smiling today, that is for sure! I can just see the show now, I would tune in definitely. Have a great weekend, and I hope your director chair covers came up well, Tammy

  9. Oh Millie
    It was so hard to vote. I went for self interest I am going to be looking for a new job in the new year as the business I work for is getting out. Retail is getting too hard. So I'm stealing your idea. At 57 I need to look for a new job If I'm honest I don't want to work either does hubby.( work doen't do it for me never has) But as the supers on the slide I gotta get out there and go for it. So networks pick me.
    Kind Regards

  10. Lots of us would love to see your reality show!

    I did NOT love the Kardashians phony wedding party in Montecito......a mile away from our house....

    It will never happen again......Revolting! Streets closed; local people not used for florists....etc. ICK!!

    You would be a delightful and refreshing addition!

    II don't watch tv; but I would watch YOU!)


  11. I've been away - so I need to catch up to see why you are blue. At any rate, a reality show is an excellent idea. You never fail to make me laugh!

  12. Count me in to do weekly guests appearances.

    On another note, Warren and I wish you two lovely Australians a happiest of holiday seasons.

  13. Millie you crack me up.
    Sadly I have an aversion to reality TV but would make the ultimate sacrifice for you and I promise to tune in every episode.
    As long as Moth promised to go shirtless in at least one ep.

  14. Crikey Mills, I ended up voting then whipping over to your Pinterest boards and nearly got stuck in Pinterest limbo for half an hour again. I'll never get to bed at this rate ;-) GO THE SHOW!!! Please let it be screened in France though. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. And yep - get outta the job if you ain't happy.

  15. OMG.... YES, YES, YES..... that is perfect! A MOTH and Millie reality show. I will be the leader of the fan club!!
    Merry Christmas my dear Millie and MOTH!

    p.s. thank you Miss M. for leaving your always wonderful "calling card!"

  16. classic Millie, Merry Christmas to you and MOTH!


  17. With your ready wit Millie it would be a roaring success!

  18. Oh Mills, you are hilarious. Bring it on. M squared, the Mills and Moth show!
    Boys, pets, renos and rusty cars... what a pitch! A-M xx


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