Saturday, June 23, 2012

MOTH's All-Time Favourite House

Ooh, ooh, ooh - Mills come quick!  It's my very favourite house in the whole wide world, you know the one I always drive by, stop & stalk everytime I'm in the city.  Ooh, ooh, ooh, I'm sooooo excited, it's up for sale!!!!
Look it's just like I knew it would be & I know how much you love curvy shiny stairs & reproduction wrought iron balustrade thingies.  
.....and a modular sofa & your favourite colour curtains Murky Khaki Green & look Mills, two sorts of window shapes in one room, hooley dooley!
Be still my thumpin' heart, a round kitchen  with rool shiny wood cabinets & a zillion canned down lights. I reckon I might even start to spend time in here, what do you reckon Mills, too good huh!
We could sit & watch our wedding video here EVERY night my little flower. And if ever we got bored I could show my all-time fave, the flick of me & the boys crossing the finishing line at the '95 World Masters when we won the Men's Coxed Four. And those leopard print cushions might just bring out the animal in me Mills, if ya get my drift, nudge, nudge.
Ooh, ooh, ooh a pool table & ergo next to the kitchen. I'm in heaven!
And a smidgy of grass so as you can practice your putting, seein' as ya can't get around the golf course these days with that dodgy knee.
Oh Mills, now don't get too carried away, I know you'll be beside yourself.....more Murky Khaki Green curtains & a rool classy chandelier. Might have to think about putting one of them in EVERY room.
Oh my gosh just look here Mills, another set of the Murky Green Khaki curtains in the dining room, & look heart of my heart, a sofa just in case I get a bit tired & emotional during a dinner party with your rellos & need a bit of a lie down.
Wow, wow, wow Mills a proper den for me. And look at all those shelves, wait 'til I show the boys from the Stirling Tip pics of this, they'll be soooo jealous.
Cop those round windows & round ceilings, what a bonus Mills, they're toooo good.
And those urns Mills, wow I bet the Greeks would kill to get 'em back, but they can't as I reckon they match the style of the house perrrrrrfectly.
Here's our lurrrve nest my little pirhana fish. Not sure what's going on with the ceiling here, but give me a ladder & a sledge hammer & I'll have it down & replaced in a flash.
Now if this isn't a deal maker Mills then nothing is. Look - a framed players jumper of your favourite team Port Power. No, no, no petal don't be embarassed that one of your mob would have a place like this, I told you one day someone would make it into the Eastern suburbs & today's that day.
Just looking at this makes me reach for my Atrial Fibrillation pills, just look at this baby, my own Coopers store house.
Yep Mills, it's the penultimate feature of the house, our own lift. Just think, when you have ya dodgy knee ripped open soon & replaced with a new & improved one, I won't have to drag you up the stairs on my crook back during your recuperation. ......phew.
And the Piece de Resistance Mills, just take a gander at this garage. Imagine my truck & all my shed junk in here, sorry but you'd have to park the Subi out on the street, this is ALL MINE!

So Mills, there ya have it, WHAT A PLACE, I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. Off to phone the Agent for a private appointment, so as I can take a tour & maybe, just maybe, make 'em an offer they can't refuse. xxx

Images: Toop and Toop   (sorry Marina & Peter, I'm not responsible for MOTH!)



  1. Don't do it Millie, you could get lost in a place that size and we'd never see you again!!
    best wishes

  2. Oh loved the on my face & a glass of wine in my hand (it's just about 5 :)..thanks Millie.

  3. That picture of the back of the house with the yew trees is heaven ! And lucky you, no work to be done... 'cept for that bedroom ceiling of course, but with that kind of enthusiasm, 'twill be finished in a jiffy. P.S. : When is the housewarming party ? I expect you'll be sending everybody their plane tickets so we can join you ?.... xx

  4. So funny! MOTH could be an agent for Sotheby's, you know, with that spiel! (Sorry Toop & Toop) The front facade is amazing. Not sure about the different windows... Is it Playschool Architecture? (I'd be worried Benita would pop up behind the arch window when you least expected it.) But I love the den, AND the Coopers Store House (look at the door on it) The pool's a bit diminutive, but your talented landscaper son could cobbled together a Hearst number!

    When are you buying? We'll be over on Settlement Day.

  5. When are you moving in??

    I do love your sense of humour Millie... still giggling over the 'rellos'!! xv

  6. ...... and Mill's, will MOTH be having to send you out to work the streets to pay for it ?!! haha XXXX

  7. So wonderful Millie, MOTH will get plenty of gardening practise sculpting those gorgeous bushes near the pool!!! ;-)

  8. Love the façade but I'm sorry Moth I really think the pool is just too small and wouldn't suit Millie at all! xx

  9. Oh my, its beautiful. I'll bring the champaign.x

  10. I didn't see the wing were the staff will be housed - you know those floor just don't polish themselves! :>)

  11. Wow, great home Millie...I think I could probably live there, that kitchen is really something!! Loved your commentary, that really made me laugh :)

    Can you believe that Vicki, Jackie & I are going on a Tour of Buckingham Palace in a couple of weeks time, I've already told Jackie that she'd better be on her best behaviour....even so keep an eye on the UK headlines the week after next Millie, we may need you as a character reference ;) Xx

  12. You'd find me hanging out in the den or the cellar. [BTW I bet the Greeks do want their urns back, seeing as they don't have an amphora to p**s in at the moment]!

  13. Goodness! May I visit and stay in the garage? I'll sleep in one of your cars :-) Good luck on your offer....fingers crossed ;-)

  14. still my beating heart..what a man you have in that MOTH... :) Still smiling over the Murky Green Khaki curtains...but sorry to hear you have another operation in store for your knee. I hope it 'comes right' for you. Good thing you have MOTH to keep you entertained...a heart of gold..that one.
    Jeanne xx

  15. 'my little pirhana fish' - love you guys xx

  16. Oh this was just precious. Your commentary was spot on, and you cracked me up.
    Great pics too.
    In Him,

  17. I love the parquet floors!!! The only thing missing was a price tag!

    Loved the commentary! Thanks for the laugh.

  18. GREAT POST:)
    Your blog is so you have twitter or fb??

    If you want some cute swedish decor inspiration...check out my new post:)

    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  19. Aah.. Millie.. that's sure one good sense of humor you have.. love it! Keep the posts flowing.. made my day today it did.. ps.. imagine all the housework to maintain it like that?.. xx j

  20. I would own the same house !
    Best regards from Paris,



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