Sunday, June 17, 2012

Princess Pink

Following the Baby Shower yesterday, our little grandaughter-to-be has the most wonderful wardrobe to start out in life. So many gorgeous things from a very generous gaggle of friends. The pink theme was all pervasive & the food delicious. It's a freezing cold Winter's day here in the Hills, so I figure a few hours of solid housework will warm me up. Puppy Lulu is down on the Tennis Court having a wonderful time helping MOTH chop the firewood & cart it up to the house. She is soaking wet & filthy & deliriously happy, just how a dog needs to be every now & then. A warm puppy bath & a dry off in front of the fire later on this arvo will fix that! Hope your Sunday is far more interesting than mine.



  1. What a pretty in pink party. I can see that Mama is to the point in the pregnancy where shoes no longer fit anymore. Oh yes, those memories are still very well imprinted in my mind, even though it has been 10 years now. Wow!!! How time does fly. Congratulations again, I am so happy for your whole family. All my love, Heidi

  2. What a beautiful day with the sun streaming in and the table groaning with delicious plates of food! I'm sure the mum-to-be had a wonderful afternoon, thanks to you and the rest of her family and friends. And Lulu sounds in canine heaven. Our two puppies have just come back from a walk in the forest and are similarly dirty and happy. They look so deliriously happy, in fact, that I can't bare to chastise them for jumping on the white bed linen!
    Hope your Sunday evening by the fire is as magical as it sounds,
    Janelle McCulloch xx

  3. What a wonderful weekend you are having. That new baby girl is going to get such a warm and wonderful welcome into this life and what a way that is to start the journey. My very warmest wishes to you all and I hope you enjoy the fire tonight! xx

  4. Oh Millie how exciting for you to be bathing in all this Pink.
    Fun times ahead!!

  5. Sounds like the most perfect weekend Millie. So exciting, anticipating the arrival of your little grand-daughter. A-M xx

  6. But these are the best, Millie ! Thank you for the comment on my blog, I have added you to my blog list.xx

  7. how fun...and everything looks beautiful!

  8. Those are delicious food.

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  9. The baby shower looked pretty, if nothing else!

    It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. I can't believe it's just three weeks until you become a Nana. How awesome is that?

  10. i bet you are getting excited!!!!
    a pink princess-
    what could be better??


  11. How exciting! My mother was the absolute best grandmother to my lucky son. What a joyous time for your family!

  12. Hi Millie,

    How exciting for your family to be having your own little pink Princess, Grandbaby.
    The baby shower looks lovely.

    Hope you are staying warm - we are in for a cold night, over here.

  13. Every little girl needs a beautiful nan. x


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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