Sunday, July 15, 2012

There's Always An Angle

Regular readers of The Hedge have long known that MOTH's always looking for an angle. Most of it has centred (very unsuccessfully) around making millions of dollars through this blog. He has a misguided notion that all I need to do is spend a couple of minutes a day doing a ripper post, that sponsors will clamber & then he will be able to sit around all day drinking beer & making the occasional guest appearance on Martha as The Hedge's Resident Craft Genius. So it was no surprise to me this arvo when I heard him yelling:

'Mills, Mills, come quick, I'm about to make us a fortune!'

'Do ya remember the other night on telly when we saw all those people flocking to see that image of the Virgin Mary that's appeared carved into a tree on a street in Newark?'

'Well I'm just about to put Stirling on the map, look what I found on the Dining Room floor, impressive aye!'


'And we could always say that miracles do occur at The Hedge regularly, just don't tell 'em that I'm a Presbyterian.'  
Ed Note: The only miracle that occurs around here mate is that occasionally another room gets finished in the world's longest renovation!

'Oh, oh Mills come quick again I'm upstairs & look what else I've found! If the VM image doesn't pull them in, then this one of a mouse will, geez I'm good!'

I've left him sitting at the Dining Room table working out how many tour buses will fit into our short no-through country lane, how he can con our long-suffering neighbours into letting him use their driveway as a turning pad for the said buses & seeing if getting the Pope to make a guest appearance will up the numbers of the faithful & consequently his GP on signed photos & admission charges.   

Image 1: Philly Other 2 images via my phone.



  1. Oh Millie...thats wonderful lol.
    The images are so clear...except I thought that the first image was Jesus. OH WELL, mistakes do happen lol.

    Please tell MOTH that he will need to account for an increase in the water utility bills at your house though...because a good portion of those tourists will certainly be in need of "the facilities".

    And then of course, there's the increase in toilet paper useage to account for.

    And he will need to make the place Handicap Accessible...with ramps and rails etc.

    But then a portion of all those costs could be offset by the shrewd marketing of T-shirt Sales...and wooden cross necklaces.

    But not to worry...he has access to some lovely wood...those floors will make INCREDIBLE wooden crosses...

    But, if all this comes to pass, and he rips up the flooring to make the crosses (sparing the spiffy images in the process of course)I think that this renovation project might end up taking EVEN LONGER than you anticipated :)


    Great Post btw...loved it.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    In Him,

  2. MOTH, I'm with you! I can see them. Clearly! A-M xx

  3. I saw Jesus, too!

    That mouse is cute!

  4. Thanks for the giggle, Mills. You're a classic. J x

  5. Yes, me too, I see them. Send us a bus timetable.x

  6. Reckon you're going to make a mozza out of the mouse Moth!!!!!!

  7. wow.
    he's RIGHT!!!

    xox yeah....sure.

  8. Hilarious the mouse especially, it's so clear!!!

    I reckon MOTH needs his own One Man Show....people pay a lot of money to see far worse ;) XX

  9. Hilarious ! And you can guarantee there's no Photoshop involved ? Then all you need now is a vision of a cat that will get you rid of the mouse !!x

  10. Hi Millie,

    How neat! wonder what he will come across next?

    Enjoy the rest of the week

  11. Seriously,he's hilarious..Tell MOTH I'll come visit on the tour bus..xx
    Please pop over and visit me,as I'm having a giveaway..xx


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