Saturday, July 21, 2012

On The Move

We are not Home Millie, but Work Millie. We outgrew our current premises ages ago, but my Boss managed by squashing his desk in amongst all the stock & stuff & going with the flow 'cos the office is very convenient (1 minute from his house!). Then I came along 4 months ago & that all changed. I need a large space around me to work effectively (don't ask!) & it has proved problematic. So we have spent the past month first trying to find something & then trying to contact the relevant Commercial Real Estate agent (which is akin to arranging a meeting with Julian Assange in a public place!!)  We think we've found the right place but boy does it need some work, in fact a total refit is on the cards. So the Boss's lovely wife has taken up the challenge & between the 2 of us we will be in make-over mode big time.

Due to nature of our business it will never be a shrine to prettiness, although I firmly believe there's room in the market for a range of defibrillators in Pantone colours. But I've finally been able to justify the time I've spent on Crack Cocaine Pinterest (thanks Heides!) & trawled through Work on my boards. Lots of great ideas to chuck on our Wish List.

All is well with baby Gracie, as you can see she's sleeping well. In fact she gave her tired Mummy & Daddy a full 6.5 hrs on Wednesday night. Not bad for a 10 day old baby I reckon! Its the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!



  1. Good luck with the renos, redecorating and finding pretty, I mean, suitable, furnishings for the new office. Baby Gracie is beautiful!

  2. Hi Millie,

    Have fun with the new office makeover and making a great new work space.
    So glad to hear that baby Grace is sleeping well and must be wonderful for her Mummy and Daddy.
    She is so very sweet.

    Have a lovely weekend

  3. Thanks for the laugh. I'm checking into Pinterest rehab this weekend. I hope your new digs work out at work. Such good news that your grand baby is doing fine as well as mom and dad. I found out this week that I'm going to be a Tanta (that's Aunt in German) again. This baby looks like it's going to be born on Valentines Day. It doesn't look like I will be there for my sister to help her breathe and push (thank goodness) cause of the flower shop of course. Oh well, her Mother-in-law catches babies for a living. Good night Millie, it's 1:03 over here and I'm shutting it down. Had a diamond anniversary to do for a morning delivery tomorrow. Have a FANTASTIC weekend and kiss that beautiful baby for me. All my Love, Heidi

  4. Thanks for reading Tim! You really should do one but you know what don't feel that you have to do a 12 hour or six hour race to qualify for it. I'd only ever done a six hour race a few years before. I figured 12 hours I could do 24 was were the real challenge lay. That was more the unknown. Only one way to find out about an unknown tim......thats to just do it!
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  5. Loving that first image...and that second one...well that's just precious! Wishing you a lovely week ahead xx

  6. Those Ikea trestle desks in your image are The Bomb! I have one as a work desk in my home study. (The bigger size is better) They're super cheap - $50 I think? - but look like slick architect desks. AND they can take all sorts of piles without appearing overcrowded. They're good just to have in a corner too. OMG... I sound addicted? I can imagine that whatever you do will look SUPER Ms M!

    PS What a beautiful baby.Look at that mouth!

  7. That little Gracie is heaven.... Good luck with the new office Millie... Happy weekend... xv

  8. I totally love Pinterest and Baby Gracie is adorable... XoXo


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