Saturday, November 17, 2012

Courting Spring

I haven't ventured down to MOTH's garden junk area, the Tennis Court since the end of March. A long, cold, miserable, wet Winter put paid to that. So I thought I'd better check on the state of his famous lilies this arvo & this is what I made me very happy. Tubs & tubs of the yellow Orientals with huge flower heads & multiple blooms. It looks like the rubbish Winter didn't worry them a bit. 

Due to the aforesaid miserable, wet Winter we have churned through the firewood like no other year. MOTH was getting worried that stocks were getting low, but the King of Recyling was rejoicing this week 'cos his mates at the Tip had saved him a whole lot of wood the Council had discarded. Free firewood does more for MOTH's spirits than a win by the Demons on a good day.

Son # 5 dropped off all these English Box plants a couple of years ago & 'asked' us to babysit them for him. Well son, just look at them now. If you want to flog these beauties off to a client you had better get up here pronto before we shove them on the verge with a very high price tag attached. Our 'babysitting' Invoice is in the post.

This I'm not too sure about. You may remember MOTH bought home a Yucca to experiment on last year. He removed a whole lot of 'pups' from the Mummy Yucca & planted them up. 12 tubs later they are going like da bomb & he reckons he's seeing $ signs over each of them. Time they went I reckon, so if you live in the Adelaide metro area & want any, drop me an email, you would be doing me a HUGE favour.



  1. I am with you Millie...I think the Yucca's might need a new home..sorry MOTH!

  2. Oh my goodness Mills! Do you know much those English Box plants are WORTH?! They're so valuable that when people plant them in Melbourne, they're often stolen the next morning. There must be a huge racket in English Box? ("Yeah mate, gimme 10 of those green, hedgy things. Got a client in Toorak who wants a cheap delivery...") MOTH could make a fortune on them and tell Son #5 they all died. Then you could go to Paris and have a 2nd honeymoon. xx

  3. Hi Millie,

    We have had a winter like yours and will be so glad to see some sunshine over here, roll on summer!
    Glad that the tubs of yellow Orientals are looking good and love all the English box hedge.

    Hope that you are having a lovely Sunday

  4. I have serious envy over those box. I have two by my front door that have died - for absolutely no apparent reason. I was in The Conservatory the other day on Unley Road and found two identical, but alive, the same size for $995. I nursed mine from a tiny size to their previous glory for 17 years. Boo hoo!

  5. Hi Millie, I'm with Janelle, at that size they may well get you a few trips to Paris. I have knowingly overhedged here, I love them.x

  6. Ha, ha, very funny! But just a gentle warning Samantha, there can only be one Queen of All Things Witty here at The Hedge & that wold be moi!!!!
    Millie xx

  7. Yucca is a ditch plant here in Iowa.

  8. No money in yucca but the boxwood should bring in plenty.

    Writing on my iPad and it froze up when writing the last comment. It is a fun toy but it acts like a two year old - it has a mind of its own.

  9. Good gracious they are all bursting with health and vigour. What on earth is in that Adelaide Hills water??? xx

  10. Looks like Texas by the size of that Yucca. Lots of people are planting those especially at shopping centers with big rocks instead of bark mulch. This is what they call zero-scaping (instead of landscaping) they don't have to worry about pulling weeds or watering very much, it's suppose to be good for water conservation and time saving, I think it looks damn right awful. Too spiky and hard, nope, not for me, sorry. I want lots of those purple flower trees when I come to OZ and lots of agapanthas and lavender with boxwoods of course. Jboy is talking more and more about the move, he is ready do get the hell out of here:) Love, Heidi

  11. I guess I'm the only one that likes the Yucca plant - when I moved to Texas, I fell in love with these plants with the gorgeous white blooms - I heard that some of them only blossom every 20 years or so, but our local shopping mall has the kind that seem to bloom every year - I was thinking of getting some for my front garden. (

    I agree with the others - you should tell your son that you're sorry, but the boxwoods didn't survive the winter...

  12. I am so peeved I missed you and MOTH at Kimberlee's this weekend! Rumour has it MOTH was last seen looking in vain for a set of golf clubs amongst the pretties.... xx


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