Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fishy Story

'Mills, are you sure we're at the right place? You promised me after I sat through that long Saturday lunch at the Robin Hood pub with all your cousins we'd go to the Fishing Tackle shop & I could pick out my Chrissie pressie. This joint is pretty ritzy & why would the blokes put big balloons & pretty ribbon on their sign? .......I'm confused.  I've never heard of a bait shop called Brown Button Trading, something's very fishy.'

'Geez Mills, these blokes have got some weird ideas about fishin'......what's the story here, those cushions are a bit OTT. You know all I normally use to plant my bum on is an empty wine cask bladder blow up. Maybe all the fishin' stuff is inside, I'm getting rool worried here'
'Honestly Mills, will youse drag yourself away from all those racks of fishing clothes for the midgets & help me try & find a bloke who knows what's going on here. Oh & some girl has just offered me a glass of champers......crumbs Mills, that's never happened before. Do ya reckon we've stumbled into the wrong place, this is NOT RIGHT!' 

Yep, it took him a while but he eventually twigged that he was an unwitting guest at Kimberlee's Brown Button Trading Christmas Pop-Up Shop! Here he is, looking very confused. Ignoring him, it was a fabulous afternoon of shopping, drinking & laughing with one of my dearest & talented Bloggie chums. Kimberlee's post on her experiences meeting MOTH is here.  And as far as getting him to understand the concept of a Pop-Up Shop, don't even ask!



  1. Hilarious!
    Despite his almost allergic reaction to cushions, I think MOTH seems like a decent man.

  2. The sight of MOTH holding a canvas bag is something to behold, Mill's ........ men just don't know how to hold a bag do they ?
    Well done for getting him there ...... I'm sure that all of the women there made it seem a little better for him, and there was alcohol even though it was girly Champagne !!!! XXXX

  3. Very funny - love the confused look on his face and the bag! Surely he liked the shopping with alcohol concept? I'll always remember my father going to my hairdresser on a Thursday night once (instead of his usual barber) and finding the standard head massage and champagne very novel! xx

  4. Classic! I LOVED it - highlight of the weekend I tell you. It certainly won't be the last time we ever get to giggle over a glass of champers. And MOTH? he was everything I hoped for and more. Thanks again for coming by lovely xxxx

  5. You might have to start pimping him out by charging appearance fees??? Good way to get him earning some extra income ;-)

  6. Moth looks good carrying a bag... I never would have imagined him as a guy with a 'manbag'... but... I like it... :) xv

  7. Seriously Millie, MOTH is the most famous husband of the world! Did he buy a cushion?

    The best regards

  8. I appreciate you sharing your life with me through this blog over the past year, Millie!

    I hope 2013 is a happy one for you and your family!


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