Saturday, January 5, 2013

Call Home!

It was a shocking day yesterday here in the Adelaide Hills. It was one of those sizzling hot Summer days, the temperature reached 45C. (113F.) and an evil North wind blew fiercely. It was the first catastrophic Bushfire day declared in yonks. For the first time in 4 years I was worried, so dragged out my stash of 'Go, Don't Stay' treasure tubs, ready to grab if we needed to make a quick exit.

I've shoved the normal irreplacable stuff in them, old family photos & letters, the wedding album, computer hard drive etc. I told MOTH to lob the Insurance file in too & anything else he thought really important. Returning a couple of minutes later to close the lid, this is what I found. How different we are.

We dodged a bullet, but sadly, our friends in Tassie did not. Son #2 & his girlfriend are on a camping holiday there & are somewhere on the East coast. I've just heard that the beautiful coastal town of Bicheno is under immediate threat. We've tried calling his cell phone lots today, but haven't been able to make contact. I'm sure he's OK, but would like to hear that directly from him. If you happen to read this post mate, CALL HOME!!!
Addendum 8th January - ' Hey yeah no, haven't had my phone turned on since last week. Camping on the beach, it was awesome, saw the bushfires in the distance but we weren't worried. When I turned my phone back on I had 1,782 missed calls, dunno what the problem was, everything's cool. Back in Hobart today, flying home tomorrow. See ya.' 
This from the same son who only took t-shirts, shorts & flip-flops to backpack around Europe in December/January! Thanks everyone for your messages of concern. DFAT now issues a travel warning when they know he's on the move anywhere around the globe!



  1. Hi Millie,

    Have been thinking of you dear friend when I listened to the news this morning - Adelaide looks like a real Scorchio day even at 9.00 am! Will be thinking of you and hope that Son #2 and girlfriend will be safe and sound.
    Take care and wishing you all the very best for 2013.

  2. Hope all is ok Millie... and I can imagine how worried you are about your son... Hopefully he has called by now... xv

  3. Oh dear, looks like Monday will be vile as well. I always say I will make a file of the important stuff but I never do. I hope you hear from your son ASAP.

  4. Hope your son is OK - always scary when bushfires are involved. It was a beautiful day in Stirling today (just got home from visiting Dad). Let's hope that Stirling continues to dodge the Bushfires as it always has in the past, although if it ever does happen, just head to my Dad's place - he has built a fire refuge (with the fireproof doors etc). Ironically, he decided the Wood Store room was the best place for it. I pointed out to him that having your last refuge in a bushfire as a room containing your firewood was a little odd, which he surprisingly hadn't considered before!! And laughing at MOTH's contribution to your stash of important items. You're looking great in your catwoman outfit Milly! xx

  5. Hi Millie, I always think of you when I hear that Adeliade and the surrounds has horrible high temeratures and threats of fires. Glad to hear that you are all OK but ready to leave with all the essentials if necessary! We used to camp around Coles Bay and Bicheno regularly when we lived in Tassie in the 80's and it would be a scary place to be stuck. Hope that son of yours has called home...
    Clare x

  6. Scary times, I hope your son and his friend are ok. They will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. Heidi

  7. Oh Mill's,
    So sorry to hear of the bush fires and hope that no. 2 son and his girlfriend have been in touch and are safe and well.....what a worry for you. We have seen the devastation on the news ..... it must be so frightening.
    Hoping that the weather cools down and that all of the fires will be under control soon. Much love and am thinking of you, Moth and your family and friends. Look after yourselves. XXXX


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