Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stepping Down

For the past year, steps like these beauties have been my nemesis. I'm now having to go up & down stairs in the house & garden sideways like a crab & it is not a good look for a relatively young woman. My dodgy left knee is on its last legs (pardon the pun), so this Wednesday it will be hacked out & replaced with a Biomet Vanguard, the Maserati of knee prostheses, so my lovely Orthopaedic Surgeon tells me. I'm actually not concerned what marque of car it is most closely aligned to, all I want is to give the crab walk & this grinding, relentless, intractable pain the flicko.

I'll be heading into hospital on the first day of my Annual Leave, not exactly the vacation destination I had envisaged. Working up until Tuesday arvo as I want to keep my mind occupied on other matters, 'cos quite frankly I'm quietly terrified of the events of the coming week. Having a nursing degree is of no help whatsoever, in fact ignorance is probably bliss at a time like this.

I've watched the whole procedure on a Vimeo webcast, planned my post-op recovery with the bestest Physio in town, drilled the Anaesthetist about pain management 'til he could stand no more, down-loaded a years worth of mags in my iPad & 23 pages of instructions for Mr. Grumpy MOTH.

So dear Hedgies, I'll be stepping down for a while to get this whole thing done & dusted. I'll still chuck some quick posts up on The Hedge's FB page if you want to follow the progress of Millie's new knee, naming suggestions welcome. Send me positive thoughts on Wednesday morning & MOTH food. Bye for now, missing you already, love you lots. 



  1. I hope the surgery goes well, fast and as painless as possible and that you're back to running up the steps soon!

  2. Hi Millie

    Good luck with the surgery and the recuperation. I'm sure Moth will be fluttering around after you answering your every whim. Thinking of you and missing you.

    Jennifer xx

  3. I suspected the op was fast approaching. Will be thinking of you on the day.
    Am absolutely snowed down in work at the moment but will send you a message via Facebook. Might have some books I can send too... (Not mine; they'd be boring!)
    Don't worry; it will be fine. You'll be a New Millie come the weekend!

  4. Good luck with the surgery - I'll be thinking of you, and hoping for a fast (and painless!) recovery.

  5. Best of luck! A friend had both knees done at once and is a new man! You will be too, new woman, that is! X, Cynthia

  6. I know you will be up and about in no time and thrilled you did it!! Sending happy thoughts...

  7. We will be thinking of you Millie! Don't stress too much about the op, although I know that nurses always make the worst patients!!
    Sennding you lots of love
    Clare xx

  8. Hi Millie
    I'll be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Moth must be a little nervous about it all if he's being a GRUMP.
    Kind Regards

  9. Hi Millie,

    Before you know it, you will be 'tripping the light fantastic'
    Will be thinking of you on Wednesday, hope everything will go well for a painless and speedy recovery.

    Sending hugs

  10. Don't worry.....about a ting......cuz every leetle ting....gonna be alrite:) I just know you'll be running up and down thoes stairs in 4inch stilettos in no time. Love ya, Heidi

  11. Hi Millie
    So hope it all went well this morning, I'm sure this is going to make a fantastic difference to your everyday life - just be good about the physio!
    take care

  12. Well, by now you should be a bionic woman with your Maseratic knee. I agree having a nursing degree is a hindrance! Too much knowledge. I wonder how long it will take before you self diagnose an imaginary dvt? Probably 3 days. It will all be fine and you can say goodbye to crab walking forever. Take care and remember to keep your pain medication up, wiggle your toes and use your triflow. Be a good patient. Xx

  13. Just thinking of you... and wondering how you are?? I am not sure if it's correct to say the worst is over.. :) Anyway sending lots of best wishes your way... and remember... it will all be so amazing this time next year... xv

  14. Thinking of you Millie and sending best wishes that your brand new bionic knee will be lifting you to new heights before you know it. You'll be our spokeswoman for knee replacement for all of us who will be following in your footsteps. Here's to a New Year where step climbing will be a breeze. You'll be able to chase beautiful Gracie before you know it!

    Hugs to you xxx

  15. Hope you're feeling better already! Everyone I know that has had a knee replaced has been thrilled with how much better they feel. Make sure MOTH waits hand and foot on you! xo

  16. Good Luck Millie!! Happy thoughts coming your way!

  17. Good luck Millie. I am sure you will love life in about 3-6 months. Will be thinking of you.

  18. Dear Millie,
    I hope the operation went well and you are on the fast track to recovery. Wishing you a good physiotherapist, acceptable hospital food, and the speediest of recoveries,

    PS: Took Telstra 3 weeks to give me some interweb, so sorry about the tardy message.

  19. PPS: I am coming to Adelaide at the end of this year, so perhaps we could meet?

  20. Hoping this has gone very well without any complications. And that you recover with as little pain as possible. Hang in there! x

  21. Dearest Millie speedy recovery am sure you will not know your new self (knee) once the physio has whipped you into shape xx Carla so glad you loved Jeanne's post on my blog


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