Monday, March 11, 2013

Wet & Wild!

My first week back at work with my 'mobility aid' was OK, we were really busy (apparently my return co-incided with a flurry of activity - funny 'bout that!) so I was on my feet a lot. So by Friday night the new knee & I were absolutely exhausted & headed off to bed at a whoosie 8.45p.m. I had my 6 week post-op appt with the Orthopaedic Surgeon on Thursday & received an A+. He's really pleased with my range of movement & the incision but still can't give me an indication of:
  • 1. When I will be pain-free
  • 2. When I will get a decent night's sleep
  • 3. When I can chuck away Wally the Walking Stick
  • 4. When I'll be able to slip the feet into a decent pair of Manolo's & toss the flats
Things on the reno front have stalled until this week, when MOTH decided to get a run on with finishing the big upstairs Family Room/Home Office. When he pulled up the grotty old carpet a few months ago he got a nasty surprise. About half the wooden floor boards were absolutely sodden & rotten & appear to have been for many years. After a good scratch around under the boards he was spewing as there is only a gap of a centimetre between the floor & the ground. No drainage system has ever been installed & as Stirling has the highest rainfall in the State, water had just been pooling under the floor & the boards have been permanently water logged since 1972. You can make you own assumption about why 3 previous owners just kept putting new carpet down over wet boards & never addressed the problem.

He's looked at digging a trench outside around the 2 walls & installing some sort of drainage system to try & divert rainwater away, but on Thursday night he came storming downstairs.

 'That's it Mills, that trench idea ain't gonna work, so I'm gonna rip up all the floor boards & put in a concrete slab. Then the new carpet can go down on a dry base & my conscience is clear. Gotta do a heap of formwork & then call Mick from Midget Mixers to drop off a load. Do ya reckon ya might be up to shovelling into the wheel barrow on the day?'

Ah the joy's of fixing up someone else's stuff ups! Have a fabulous week dear Hedgies.
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  1. Dear Mill's,
    You must be happy that the doc is pleased with your progress although, it must seem like an age to get back to normal.
    Onwards and upwards and, at least the shovelling of concrete should take your mind off of it !!!!!!!!!! haha. XXXX

  2. Sounds a bit like our old place in Melbourne. We knew the floors needed restumping (they were very bouncy and had collapsed in a few places). When we ripped up the carpet we found that there were in fact no stumps. They had laid the joists (no bearers even) directly on the dirt. Occasionally they were propped up with some loose bricks. The previous old lady owner had poured concrete in where ever the floors had rotted out, then laid a few garbage bags over for damp proofing and then several layers of (incredibly stinky and mouldy) carpet over that. I'm quite shocked though that your place was built without adequate clearance, as it's not nearly so old. Our old place was 120 years old, and was spec housing put up for short term rentals. After all that time had passed, it wasn't really doing too well! We sorted it out, but it was a mess. Glad to hear that you've got a 10/10 for the knee, hope you get some pain relief soon.xx

  3. Divert and drain. Two of my least favorite words with regard to the human body, a house foundation, or anything really.
    Good for MOTH for fixing the old problem!
    I see you're on you're way and doing well. Remember my last comment? You're almost there ~ pool boy and all.

  4. Dreadful when people cover up major problems. Do put a sump in the floor and drainage. People have put concrete in without drainage only to find the water starts rising up the wall. Essential to divert and drain. Our neighbours did similar without draining and have to leave the slab heating on to try and dry things out-
    signed-the resident licenced building supervisor and architectural technician

  5. That MOTH - he's an ideas man. I'm going to encourage Dave to incorporate shovelling concrete as a rehab exercise for all his surgical patients. I'll let you know how it works out:) Glad to hear you're back at work - sorry to hear that you're still not pain-free or Manolo-shod. Big hugs from Chez Joy, Meredy xo

  6. Dear Millie, do I ever need a Moth man!

    I see my surgeon this week, and I have a long list to ask him as well. In fact he always chuckles when he sees me with pen and pad ready!

    Heels are probably not in my future; some good looking wedges with not too high a heel maybe...a long way off though, no need to ask about that!

    Thank you so much for all of your encouragement Millie, it means the world.

    Art by Karena

  7. Hi, Millie!
    Glad to hear you are back at work! Take it easy there. You'll be in those heels in no time :)
    Sorry about your water issue...yikes. The concrete slab sounds like a lot of work :( But at least you get new carpet! Start shopping!!
    Take care,

  8. A+... top of the class... that is fantastic news Millie... I am sure it feels like forever with this whole knee saga but those Manolos aren't far away... makae sure to post pics once you step out in those babies...
    Home renovations=Surprises... not always good..
    That's all I will say about that... had a few in my time... :)

  9. Happy Easter Millie and MOTH,
    Regards, David & Peter.


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