Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lemon Kitten Heels

Much to my surprise, this is by far the most repinned pin from The Hedge's Pinterest boards. Nothing flash, just an arbour of everyday lemons. One could intellectualise all arvo as to why people like it, but I've got a bathroom to clean, a trip to the supermarket & an appointment for a pedicure to stumble off to. My only thought is that unless you were 350cms tall, you'd have to grab a ladder every time you needed a lemon - but hey, pics on crack cocaine Pinterest don't generally have a Rate This For Practicality button on each image.

Things are lurching along OK here - at 11 weeks post-TKR I've finally retired Wally the Walking Stick to the cupboard of redundant medical/surgical appliances. I did try to slip into a pair of small kitten heels on Tuesday for a dress-up work appointment, but sadly kicked them off in a nanosecond due to immediate pain similar to day 2 post-op. Still have pain/swelling/discomfort & total exhaustion at the end of each working day is a done deal, but everyone seems to want to enthusiastically tell me I'm getting there......wherever there is! 

So today's assignment dear Hedgies is to leave a comment about your most popular Pin & why is it so, I reckon we'll get some rippers!

Image: Lotusland via Avantgardens



  1. My top pin is this one a library that goes around a door.

    I think I'm guilty of pinning that lemon arbour off you Millie! Glad to hear that you've ditched the walking stick and are back on your legs, even if you are in flats. There's a pair of Louboutins with your name on them waiting for your full recovery! xx

  2. Well, I love that scene...I'd pin it, too...that is gorgeous!

  3. Oh Millie, that sounds like a fairly long recovery, that must be pretty frustrating :(

    No idea what my most pinned image is, I didn't know you could find out....but I'm pretty sure I've pinned that lemons pic. Strangely, I'm not mad about lemons but they're very pretty to look at!!

    Take care XX

  4. Firstly, let me commend you on wearing kitten heals in any condition. I think we should have been designed to have new tires. Just think of all the miles our bodies get and all the miles we put on our cars. Maddening.
    How do I find out my top pin? I bet it would be some four legged creature.
    Now paint that door high gloss black...and rest easy, you'll be back to your old self in no time.

  5. Just simply lovely! Sending you warm power hugs for speedy recovery. :) Got my eye on your next posts.

  6. What a lovely post:) your blog is such an inspiration.

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    Have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria at

  7. can't help giggle at you putting on kitten heels a minute off the walking stick...


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