Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter Sun

Max Pritchard is a living legend - one of South Australia's best architects, I would sell MOTH, all five kids + puppy Lulu in a heartbeat to live in one of his houses. A neighbour around the corner had a devastating fire a couple of years ago, which destroyed a 2-storey section of their house. In rebuilding they opted for a modern addition, rather than the safer option of a heritage rebuild.

To quote Max: 

" A steel & glass addition to a grand heritage home provides light, winter sun, modern comfort & beautiful garden views." 

Here a courtyard separates heritage from the modern, linked by a glazed walkway. 

Precise detailing with black framing & dark grey fibre cement & iron allow the addition to complement the original heritage house but present as a crisp, timeless structure in a lush garden setting.

A portion of stone wall from the fire-damaged section of the house has been retained & restored completing the enclosure of the courtyard.

I love it, but what do you think? And before you ask, things are still crazy here at The Hedge. Work is still occupying 50+ hours of my time each week & leaves me exhausted & cranky. I'm just keeping my head above water. Gracie is going to a big sister in August with another baby on the way for her surprised Mum & Dad. We are excited!! 
 A  separates heritage from the modern, linked by a glazed walkway. A portion of s
Photovoltaic cells on the north facing roof of the addition provide much of the power needs.Photobucket

Images: Sam Noonan


  1. Hi Mill's,
    Well, that is my perfect home …… I adore old properties and have always lived in them but, an all glass addition is just the perfect answer to combine the period with the contemporary…… GORGEOUS.
    …… I notice that you wouldn't sell Gracie for it ….. that shows a loving Grandmother !!!!
    Hope that you and your family are all well ….. don't work too hard. XXXX

  2. Beautiful extension, and it would be so lovely to have all the sun coming in when the cloud descends on Stirling around May, and doesn't lift again until September!! Hope your work lets up a little soon, you do sound very busy indeed, but exciting news on the grandmother front! xx

  3. I hope you all had a good Easter. Last night, I imagined an Autumn Easter in Australia. It was lovely. Our Easter here in Texas was lovely too, with family and friends dining alfresco style. It is the holiday I host for my whole family, if the weather cooperates. Hope you have a marvelous week. Love, Heidi

  4. I love Max's homes....great pics. I'm thrilled to find another Adelaide Hills dweller and looking forward to following your great blog Meg xx

  5. Hi Millie,

    This home looks fabulous - love the glazed walkway connecting the heritage to the modern and would be such a great way to keep the kids in another part of the house.
    How wonderful for Gracie to be a big sister to a new baby on the way - best wishes.
    Many thanks for visiting me, I often think of you.
    Hope all is well with you and your family
    Sending hugs and enjoy your Sunday evening.

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  7. I love all the glass and the clean lines. The courtyard is on its way to being spectacular when the plantings take off. Thanks for the tour. Millie, you are working too hard. Take a deserved rest this weekend.
    xo, Rosemary

  8. ah yup, right there with ya Millie ;D

  9. Perhaps a post of your beautiful Autumn in the Hills? Perhaps one of your favorite comfort food recipes for when the air turns cool and crisp? :) Heidi

  10. Wow.. this glass extension onto a beautiful stone home is just stunning. I live in Adelaide too and love the hills. Many years ago I lived at Macclesfield and it was like living in an episode of Vicar of Dibley - I adored it.
    I'm pretty new to blogging, having only started my own blog ( a few months ago but already the Adelaide hills posts are heavily represented. I've only just found your blog today and I look forward to following you.

  11. Millie -- This architectural project looks like the best of both worlds. I hope your work schedule has calmed down a bit so you can spend some quality time with your new grand baby when he or she arrives in August.
    xo, Rosemary

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