Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hallway Envy.

Image Riviera Maison

Image Riviera Maison

Image Riviera Maison
Image Riviera Maison
Image Coastal Living

Having decided to bite the bullet and put a new ceiling the entire length of the hallway, this project is now steaming ahead and I need inspiration - quickly! This area acts as a feeder for all our bedrooms (excluding the Master Suite), the family bathroom and our Home Office. So I need to blend functionality with style. This simple, elegant Hallway from my favourite magazine Coastal Living achieves exactly what we want - loads of natural light!

Riviera Maison produces gorgeous quirky pieces that I just love, their latest range certainly provides much inspiration. I particularly like the Hallway Bench with rattan storage baskets and the skinny Chiffonier with a half depth of drawers - great where space is limited.

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