Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meet Millie

Who is Millie?
An Aussie living in the pretty little village of Stirling in the hills above Adelaide in South Australia.
Mother to 5 sons - although now officially an 'Empty-Nester', she's quickly discovered her boys are like possums. Just when you think you've got rid of them from the ceiling space, they turn up again on the doorstep with all their worldly possessions, eyes firmly fixed on their old room.
Married to Husband #2 the infamous Man-of-the-House (MOTH), she started her working life as an RN with a post-grad. qualification in Cardiothoracic Critical Care. However, a new opportunity appeared nearly 20 years ago, propelling her into the commercial scientific world as a Sales Specialist which is where she still is today. Spending most of her working days in the hushed, dark confines of Interventional Radiology/Cardiology Suites & Laboratories, she's developed a great acuity for seeing in the dark.

Who is MOTH?
Millie's long-suffering Partner-in-Renovating. This is the 2nd house they've worked on together (the 1st took them 15 years to get right!) & THE LAST! The Owner of a Landscaping business, his own rambling, shambolic garden is a disgrace.
Quickly developing his own cult following, he does the occasional politically-incorrect Guest Post by request. Millie just holds her breath & then deals with the complaints.

Why The Laurel Hedge?
15 years of renovating our previous house was over - we'd just completed everything & were really enjoying our lovely old Victorian villa in the Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. However we'd always had a fondness for the country life & without warning we found ourselves transported by alien beings disguised as Real Estate Agents to a house on 1/2 acre of wild, rambling gardens in Stirling!
The house is circa 1972 & with all the Mission Brown features only an unrenovated house of this vintage can 'offer'. Open-faced brown brick walls, brown raked ceilings, brown exposed beams, brown split levels - & every single room is a total gut & redo job. However, it's inherent design is great & the location sublime - tucked behind a wonderful old laurel hedge in a quiet no-through country lane in the heart of delightful Stirling.

What will you find here?
The Laurel Hedge started off its blog life in May 2008 as an outlet for the non-scientific side of Millie's brain. Posts & musings on design & renovating & pretty things, but through the course of this 'challenging' renovation, it's evolved into some quite different, stubbornly defying any sensible description. This is due in no small part to MOTH & the mishaps & disasters that seem to dog his every turn.
Millie blogs on how life actually is behind The Hedge - a sometimes humorous, occasionally brutal account of life with Mr. Serial Renovator & his 'short fuse'.

Posting & Comments
Millie is never short of a word or 100 & with MOTH, the 5 sons & the never-ending renovation, she's never short on subject matter either. So you'll find a new post here at The Hedge most days. She really loves to receive comments and up to recently, loved answering every one individually. However of late, she hasn't been able to keep up with all the lovely messages she's receives and finds this very frustrating. Please be assured she reads & appreciates all of the comments & hopes that sometime very soon, things can revert to how they were & she becomes a better Blog chum again!

A Final Word
The Laurel Hedge is all about having fun. It will never take itself too seriously, & if it looks like becoming even vaguely boring, it will quickly be made redundant by Millie activating the 'Delete Blog Now' button. Her band of regular readers are known as Hedgies, a term of endearment given to them by MOTH. You would be a very welcome Hedgie, so whether you become a regular commenter or just lurk in the background, enjoy the roller coaster ride of life at The Laurel Hedge.


  1. Great Idea putting this one into the spotlight. I have one question: do you dress like that for cooking and gardening too? Ahh - life behind the Laurel Hedge is more sparkle than we'd imagine ;-) Much love from an Ardent Hedgie...

  2. I had a good chuckle when I clicked on the Washington Post link and read there that your blog "provides a peek inside two colorful beach cottages in the Bahamas"! *giggles*

  3. Oh I like this new layout! I like your new buttons at the top too!
    Awww Mills, you are beautiful, always new it.

  4. Millie, I love your blog, and look forward to coming back and reading more. Love your sense of humour, too. Well done to you and the MOTH. Beautiful!

  5. Millie, I just stumbled upon your blog via Mrs A in the Cove and I'm wondering where I've been all this time! You speak my language. I'm a former high school teacher (and may be again one day) who quit her job teaching teenage Catholic boys so that I could stay home and look after my own little boys, aged 4 years, 3 years and 7 months. I too created my blog so that I could have a place to which I can escape and just be me. In fact, I won't allow my MOTH to read my blog.

    Ok, so now I'm going to spend the rest of the day reading all your blogs and getting myself up-to-date with everything I've missed...

    Talk again soon. xx

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  7. What a fantastic 'About Me' - one of the best I have read.

  8. Millie, Oh, thank you!!! The blog you sent me to is lovely and yours is also splendid!!! Thank you- I am smitten with both. Can't wait to have time to peruse both thoroughly. We are just barely beginning and need to watch those of you further down the path. Gratefully... a new friend!

  9. Hi Millie

    It's nice to meet you. I 'stumbled' across your gorgeous blog via Twitter. I've just become your newest follower, and am looking forward to reading all about your adventures.

    Tracy :)

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  11. Hello, It's nice to meet you, I stumbled across this wonderful blog by accident. Thanks for sharing your humour. Funny, I too call my husband a m.o.t.h....Stirling is beautiful, I am on the coast but my heart is in the Hills.


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