Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back Me Up!

Thank you to everyone who's emailed me demanding to know why it's been so quiet here at The Hedge. Previous excuses used have beeen a new job, a new puppy & now I can add a sick husband to that list. Yep I've had to dig out the old white uniform & morph into Nurse Millie - MOTH has been laid low with a major back injury. A nasty acute flare up of a chronic problem has caused huge upheaval in the house. He's tried everything over the past few weeks to give him some relief, but to no avail. A last ditch interventional procedure last week using radiofrequency ablation to blast the nerves around the offending lumbar discs was an abject failure.

Work has come to a grinding halt while he does the round of Adelaide medicos seeking a cure. The Neurosurgeon broke the news to him on Wednesday that due to the dodgy nature of the facet joints around the injured discs he is not a candidate for a spinal fusion. Oh joy.

We do have one glimmer of hope though & that's the magical world of Pilates. Under sufferance, he dragged himself off to a class a couple of weeks ago & discovered immediate benefits. Although Darren Vizer the star of the video I've posted is a Melbourne pracititioner, I love his moves. Thanks DV for inspiring poor MOTH, do you do house calls?

Oh & dear Hedgies, how are things in your world, I'd love to hear, I'm desperate for some light relief.



  1. Hi Millie & MOTH,

    So disappointing to hear about MOTHs health issues but I can highly recommend Pilates especially the type done on a special Pilates bed [although I must say it initially looks like a first class torture rack!].

    I guess this means that MOTH has had a chance to catch up on a stack of reading, iViewing and DVDs although I can imagine being prone all the time isn't much fun or good for the back either.

    Sunny days have helped to scoot away the winter lurgies that have been plaguing our house of late so bring on spring I say....and a spring in all of our steps with it!

    xx Felicity

  2. Oh, Millie, I'm so sorry to hear about poor MOTH's back pain. I've had it intermittently throughout my life so can relate a little but nowhere near to this extent. How horrid. I'm so relieved Pilates is providing a little relief - crossing fingers and toes it will continue to do so. I've missed you, I must say. Nurse on, my friend! J x

  3. I hear your pain too Millie. Poor MOTH. Well he must just keep up the pilates. I too can swear by it. Although I've only been a devotee for six months, I love it. Funnily enough, Brunnel just returned to it this week after a hiatus of oh, several years, but his doctors also said it was the only thing for him. My teacher was telling me that Orlando Bloom had also requested her services while he is back in Wellington for 3 months on The Hobbit. Poor Brunnel was not impressed when I told him I thought she was probably more excited to see Orlando again after 12 years than him! xx

  4. A friend of mine has had pilates work wonders for her poor back. MOTH will have the added benefit of toned and lengthened muscles and will probably be in demand for catwalk work!
    Joke of the day (we were all suffering after 2 games of junior netball and 2 games of junior football,, you get the picture)
    What is a good title for a movie about a blind reindeer?
    "No idea".
    Yep, that's the state of things here. Master B thought it was a hilarious joke and is wanting to tell his teacher on Monday.
    My work here is done.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Millie, MOTH will find pilates invaluable! I've been doing it for years and I love it. It will help him no-end!

  6. So sorry to hear that MOTH has been suffering, but I'm sure 'Nurse Millie' would bring a smile to his face. I hope you're not too strick with him.
    Hopefully strengthening those core muscles will support his spine ease things up. Best wishes to him (and you). David.

  7. Oh Millie, back pain is the worst isn't it? So frustrating when treatments don't work. I hope the Pilates brings some relief to MOTH....and to you:) Hope your new job is working out and your puppy is putting a smile on your faces. Big hugs, Meredy xo.

  8. So, so sorry to hear about MOTH's back giving him fits. It must be frustration in the first degree.

  9. Really sorry to read about MOTHs back Millie, UGH :( good for him for giving Pilates a go though.

    Best wishes to you all XX

  10. so, so sorry for poor MOTH, but so happy that at least something is offering him some relief. that must be terrible. glad nurse Millie is there to take care of things. hope he's feeling much better soon!


  11. Poor thing. I hope he finds some relief soon. I love pilates, but limited classes where we live. Hope you are finding some time for yourself amongst being a nurse and mum to Lulu and your job. thank you for your lovely comments on our new pet additions (it was your post about Lulu that inspired the post) Take care and my best wishes for MOTH.
    Rebecca x

  12. Bugger! Well - you can tell MOTH that I too hit the Pilates when I can't be bothered to take my bike out or it's too muddy to run :) Maybe you should get into the routine as well Millie - just so you strengthen your own back for all the extra work you're having to do. Life here is just FABULOUS! No kids. No husband (Beaker has had a back problem for the last 6 months that has had me lifting all sorts of stuff I shouldn't!), NO WORRIES :)

  13. So sorry to hear about poor Moth's back pain. Glad nurse Millie is there to take care of things. hope he's feeling much better soon!

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  14. Hi Millie - Sorry to hear that MOTH's back is out and I do hope he's feeling better and that you will have some relief soon too. By the way, it's Deborah here from Boxwood Terrace. I've started a new blog (I must be mad...). Please have a look or two if you like.

  15. I wanted to like Pilates as it's so, so good for you. But, unfortunately, like many other things that are good for me, I don't. I'll just have to savour the ones that I do like. Good luck.

    ps. thought I'd pop in while I'm roaming round the blogosphere tonight.

  16. Poor MOTH.. I watched my husband suffer with acute back pain for months - he was lucky though, a successful operation and no more pain. Pilates really is wonderful. And it seems to work almost immediately. Hope he finds some relief. Rachaelx

  17. Hi Millie,

    So sorry to hear about poor Moth. I can empathise with you, as Martin has often had a sore back and know how painful it has been for him. Pilates is great, for toning muscles, to gain strength and for mind and body balancing. I really hope it helps and he will feel some relief.
    Hope the job is going well and wonder how your sweet Lulu is? Have a great week

    Sending hugs

  18. Sorry to hear about MOTH. This sometimes happens to my hubby (usually coincides with an upset with one of our kiddos!)
    One of the worst kinds of pain really and leaves you without much strength.

  19. millie,

    i hope moth's recovery does work out.
    i know it has got to be torture.
    hugs to you both xxx

    hope all else is well!!:)

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