Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birch/Laurel Loop

Another quiet couple of weeks at The Hedge the blog, but behind The Hedge it's been pandemonium! A nightmare week at work with everything that could have gone wrong doing just that & MOTH's crook back still giving him heaps. We've just got back from our Sunday walk & I thought you'd like to see where we've been.

A couple of years ago I took you with me on my regular walking route on a hot Summer day. The foliage on the trees obstructed the view of most of the gorgeous houses, but today Winter's last hurrah means that the houses can be seen in all their glory! St. Vigean's is the jewel in the crown & the first house on the Birch Road/Laurel Road loop.

Love that verandah & the decorative wrought iron to bits!

Yep, it's MOTH & Lulu out enjoying the Hills air.

There are still lots of Winter creeks running on properties.

Here's Dunfuin in all it's Edwardian glory.

It's probably still too cold for sitting out on the verandah with a late afternoon G&T.

I'm always captivated by the terracotta tile work on Dunfuin's roof.

Oak Tree House is quite a different style for the area.

But still very pretty in it's unique way.

My favourite style of Hills gate.

As MOTH would say 'There's a heap of Angry Pantha's happening there Mills!'

This incline always gets the heart racing.

Copperfield & the resident guard cat.

What's got MOTH's attention?

The enclosed deck on this house that's just been completed. MOTH's been watching the Builder's do their thing & taking notes for months.

And here's my very favourite house Redwalls.

Complete with quite the most amazing clipped Ivy bank I've ever seen.

And matching detached garage.

Round the bend into a part of the loop where the houses are of a much older vintage.

I don't know the name of this house, but it's on a huge piece of land & a massive amount of restoration has been conducted over the past few years. If it's yours, do let us know!

Byethorne Lodge sits next to it.

It must have been the Gate House for the previous house & I've always thought what a wonderful little Hills retreat it would make.

Love Stirling's tall trees & the other 2 in this pic as well!

Another Winter creek on the way home.

Our neighbour's sweet little cottage.

Home again - & yes, it's camelia time here at The Hedge & one of my faves by the front door. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that it's goat curry for dinner here tonight. I'll tweet later & let you know how it tasted. I've only cooked with goat once before, so I had to wing it a bit with this one, but as I opened the door, the aroma drifting up from the slow cooker certainly indicates it will be OK! Have a wonderful week dear Hedgies.



  1. Loved this little walk through the neighborhood with you Millie! Oh and Moth and Lulu too of course! xxoo

  2. I miss camelias Millie! One flower I never see.....Hope the goat was good....xv

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk Millie. I love Stirling and its surrounds. Oak Tree House is my favorite - love the stone and windows. Makes me want to wander in for a look! Nothing like this scenery and the fresh air (not to mention gorgeous Lulu's smiling face) to work out the weeks demons. Thanks for the walk.
    Rebecca x

  4. oh so beautiful!!! ('angry panthas' - love it) - definitely made the little expat home sick! (although i'm not going to complain about the warmer weather here) xx

  5. the oak tree house is pretty cool.
    and the others are fabulous as well.

    it is so beautiful there....
    i am not digging the states lately, i would love to move.
    xxx i WISH!!!

    hugs millie
    cute shots of moth too.

  6. What beautiful homes along your walking route!
    and it was a pleasure to see Lulu along for the fun!

  7. I loved going on the beautiful walk with you! I hope that goat was fabulous.
    xo isa

  8. Even I could be persuaded to do a daily walk if I had such gorgeous houses to gawk at. Your photos actually reminded me a lot of walks I used to take with my Grandad through the Oxfordshire countryside in the UK and I got a but sentimental! Your camellias are amazing.
    Clare x

  9. What a treat to go walking with you around your neighbourhood Millie, I was inhaling deeply, trying to get some of that crisp Hill air into my lungs.

    Happy Week Lovely,

    x Felicity

  10. Dear Mill's,
    What a beautiful spot you live in. I can certainly see why you chose to live there.....somewhat different to the suburbs of London although, we are far enough out to be in the countryside.
    I love all of the houses that you have shown but, I have to say that my favourite is St. Vigean's. It's just everything that I love about a house.....hidden away, verandah's and decorative ironwork are my favourite decorative features and, I love the way that the wood has gone that beautiful grey colour. I would also love to live in your neightbours little cottage. So pretty.
    I think that MOTH and Lulu look fantastic about Little and Large !! ( I mean that MOTH is so tall and beautifully slim and toned ! )
    Thanks so much for your great comment today Mill's.......and, I love the way that MOTH is caring for the environment with his recycled tea cosy!! You gave me such a good laugh this morning !!
    Hoping MOTH'S back gets better soon. Back problems always take so long to repair don't they ? Alchohol rub is supposed to be very good......that's in a ' pouring it down your throat ' sort of rub MOTH !! XXXX

  11. Wow Millie, can I come on that walk with you one day? What a gorgeous neighbourhood, and I bet it looks amazing throughout all four seasons. Such lovely homes to wander past. Hope MOTH is feeling better with that back of his soon.
    Amanda xx

  12. What a beautiful neck of the woods you live in Millie. So very pretty, both the gardens and the houses which look like they are from an old English novel. I reckon it is NEVER too cold for a G and T, sitting on a verandah as charming as that!

  13. Such astounding beauty Millie. The views, the aged dignity and elegance....and that's just MOTH. The houses are also extremely lovely. How about that ivy hedge? Hope all is well behind your Laurel Hedge. Meredy xo

  14. Thank you for posting about my future home. This gives me more ammunition to fire at the hubby as to why we must leave at once. Get well wishes to MOTH and I hope this week is better for you, Millie. Love, Heidi

  15. Hi Millie,

    So lovely to come on a walk with you and my goodness, the houses and neighbourhood are beautiful. I love how elegant and how gorgeously old the houses are and yes, St. Vigeans is a beauty.
    Loved seeing the photo of Moth and Lulu too.
    Hope the pandemonium has turned to tranquility, and that you are having a better week, also sending well wishes, for Moth.


  16. Hi Millie, what a beautiful area you live in, all gorgeous homes and architecture. All so very different to the timber and tin that my home state of Qld is so well known for.

    Must say the oak tree house looks to me like the roof is yet to go on:>)

  17. What a pretty neighborhood - lucky girl you!

  18. You must love walks with all that loveliness to see. Im quite jealous! Most homes near us are modern but I still manage to finf something to enjoy. Have a lovely weekend. Fiona

  19. You certainly do live in a beautiful part of the world. I'm so glad you took some time to take a stroll with us!
    Hope dinner went as planned (I'm going to have to check in with Twitter more often!).


  20. Gosh I'd even make myself go for a walk if this was the view...fab houses Millie.

  21. millie, i adore your neighborhood! and this reminds me.... we must name our new house in dallas. we've only been here a week. still surrounded by stacks of boxes. pam


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