Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Treasure

I love what Priscilla Wikkerink has done with the teeny tiny kitchen space in Mark Challen's townhouse.

A warm, stylish & very functional space has now emerged for Mark & his partner to use for cooking & entertaining. And this picture validates perfectly why, if you can at all manage it, cabinets need to extend to the full height of the ceiling.

Priscilla has met the big challenge of working her magic in less than 100sq. metres. Here she's created a kitchen bookshelf/cabinet that doubles as a bar & storage for Mark's cookbooks.

Clever use of bevelled edge tiles add a wonderful dimension to the room & with the use of undermounted cabinet lights + aged mirrored panels behind the over head cabinet shelves that reflect the light - WOW! If have a moment, do follow the link below to the House and Home guided video tour of this little treasure.
Cramped Kitchen Reno House & Home



  1. Oh my giddy aunt!
    Millie you don't know what havoc you have unleased with this post.
    Once I started exploring this site I found SO much to delight that I've completely delayed putting on the evening meal and everyone is due home after Friday night sport in....5 minutes!!!!!

    If you haven't already, take a squiz at the Princess Margaret Home - based on Diane Keaton's house in 'that' movie!

    Quick. I've got to dash, pizzas need to be thrown together!
    xx F

  2. Hi Mill's,
    I love this kitchen. Not only because it has been designed so beautifully but, it's so refreshing to see a smaller kitchen, rather than those great big ballroom type ones that most people haven't got. There are some great ideas to take from the one you have shown...... and, I'm rather pleased to see that Mark has decided to copy me and use my dining room chairs !! I must be doing something right !!
    How is MOTH'S back doing ? I hope that it is improving as, it can't help with the job that he does. I'm sure that you have been the dutiful wife, toing and froing with beer, snacks and being a wonderful sympathetic wife !!
    Wishing MOTH a speedy recovery if he hasn't recovered already ! XXXX

  3. Oh, it is perfect! Every inch is used and so beautifully, too!

  4. That is a beautiful kitchen. I agree - kitchen cabinets extended to the ceiling are the way to go. Otherwise, nothing but dust (or fake plants) collect in that awkward gap of unfilled space.
    Happy Weekend, Millie!

  5. so much luxury in such a small space. I LOVE it. such a good eye miss millie. Warm hellos from sunny to Manila to you in the chilly adelaide hills xxx

  6. Cute! I love the stovetop!!

  7. Wow! Good things do come in tiny packages, love this kitchen.

  8. Perfect use of space - I love it when the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling. Very elegant.


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