Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Gorgeous!

Poor MOTH was feeling a little fragile last night - he's worried that the pics that appear of him on the Hedge are not his most flattering. Mmmmm, maybe just a little! Interestingly his concerns coincided with the discovery of this photo his sister found recently during a clean-up of her family photo stash. She thought I might find it 'useful' material & I reckon she's pretty spot on there! I reckon there's also a touch of revenge here for the 'interesting' Christmas present MOTH sent her last month!!

She says MOTH was about 22 when this was taken, & had I met him then I would have snapped him up on the spot. Except my parents may have had other ideas, as I was only 14 at the time! It would also have saved me from 12 years with that other husband - or as Son # 4, the family comedian irreverently calls it- 'Mum's lapse'!!

I did assure the Gorgeous One that those who visit the Hedge regularly look upon him with great affection, so not to worry, but he still feels he's not seen at his best. Other than to dress him in a Zegna suit each time he's renovating, in case there's a Millie photo opportunity (read as me sneaking up behind him with the camera when he's not looking!), I'm not sure how I'm going to address his concerns!

Anyway, just to balance up the discussion, here's the latest pic of MOTH taken last Sunday. I think he's even more gorgeous now than the top pic, 'cos he's working hard 'making' me a new bathroom!

P.S. - it's not my dodgy photography skills that caused the haziness on this pic, the air was seriously thick with brick & plaster dust - cough, cough, splutter, splutter!


  1. May I just say,"He hasn't changed one bit". It's rough getting older and passing the "cute" torch on to a younger generation. But we all go through it.

  2. Hubba Hubba...his eyes are gorgeous, and those never change!

    From the sounds of it, you got a gem of a guy on both the inside and the outside. You two are the perfect match :)

  3. Hi...Just stumbled upon your blog...Hope that handsome man has a dust mask on!...Take care, Katie

  4. Very dishy! JJ and I skipped past all the other blog photos when we saw his picture on the 'blogs we love to read' sidebar - we had to pop right over and see who the handsome fellow was! And any man who is so willing to rip out a bathroom for his wife gets our vote.

  5. Now that's one handsome photo. Looks like a 70's model! MOTH look after your lungs in that reno won't you! A-M xx

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments - & rest easy, he had the heavy-duty mask on under Millie's orders! We buy them in bulk these days!

  7. I would classify him as 100% pure Beef Cake. And may I add that there is nothing more sexy then a man working on a womans castle, unless the man is washing the dishes. Those tasks deserve special bedroom attention. Keep it up MOTH, we love you and only wish our husbands were as handy as you. Heidi

  8. Wow, I had to click over here to check out that Hunk! The Moth is right! We had no idea what a hottie he is!!!
    I love a man with a hammer in his hand. :)


  9. He is a catch that MOTH of yours. Rest assured MOTH, we all love you dearly...even in your rolled down socks :P
    Ness xx
    Ps Millie, I adore your little favourite Garden House. xx

  10. Woo hoo! I hope Moth is happy with all the attention he got now! And send him on over for my bathroom re-do! My husband is getting ready to do the same thing!

  11. It's Man at C & A.....!! very 1970's....
    Surely he's not wearing denim after shave too.....(only kidding)
    Will promise to taking lots of photo's (if allowed) at CL Fair...

  12. Great photo! MOTH looks like he's in a Peter Stuyvesant ad. Love the gold medallion!
    Good to see he's not afraid to ruin his good looks by getting down and dirty in the renovations.

  13. Hello Spunk-rat! So he has matured a bit, like a good cheese
    And he has nice legs too!


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