Friday, January 30, 2009

Weekend Destination: Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz

Apologies to all the regular readers of the Hedge who are freezing in the U.S., Europe, U.K. etc., but this weekend's destination is somewhere cold, with lots of snow & ice. I need to desperately escape the run of atrocious record-breaking heat most of Southern Australia is experiencing, so I'm dusting off the skis & St. Moritz Switzerland here I come! However, I think I'd get some very strange glances as I the first thing I'd do on arrival is throw myself down onto the snow & just stay there for about an hour, just cooling my poor heat-weary body down!

How does 100km. of open pistes sound for starters? Outside activities include snow-boarding, ice skating, sledding, cross-country & heliskiing, sleigh rides & much more. A quick check-in at the gorgeous Carlton Hotel, then off to the Spa for a stone therapy massage & Sensai beauty facial & make-up & a quick flutter in the Casino. A great meal in the famous Romanoff restaurant & then a few cocktails in one of St. Moritz's glamorous nightclubs. Very, very nice thanks!

Weather report for St. Moritz this weekend is Saturday -7/-6C., Sunday -13/-12C., with 43 lifts operating. See you all there!


  1. Don't forget to make snow angels too. I love the photos of the quaint village. A little R & R, some serious room service and while we're dreaming~ lets not forget the shopping there!

  2. Millie...Make some snow angels! I hope your inner thermostat cools down soon. I have never been to Switzerland but have heard it's amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the lovely photos. Rosemary

  3. oh oh oh, ok, gotta dash and pack my bags, i'm coming with you! xx

  4. Lovely pictures....very inspiring! I'd love to go there an escape the aus. summer. Lovely blog!

  5. Millie, I wish I could do something to help. For one, I am not complaining about our weather. I hope that SA does not burn up before I get a chance to visit. Give MOTH my love, if I were living down there I would have a party inside my flower cooler. Hang in there. HEidi

  6. Looks fabulous Millie! I've been feeling for all you Southerners this week - what nightmare temperatures you have had to endure! Hope there is a cool change coming. Have a great weekend. Tracey xx

  7. Hi Millie,

    OMG, too beautiful, Ok your Seriously Living the Charmed life! I want to go to St Moritz.....

  8. Don't take it for granted!!!!

    I'm almost through my first London Winter and I'd KILL to be back home - the pain of 45C is nothing compared to the pain of getting out of bed when it's -3C!!

    Go get a deck chair, some fish & chips and a bottle of sauv blanc and at about 8pm go down to Somerton Beach, sit with your feet in the water and enjoy!! Do it for me!!

  9. How gorgeous, snow or not. I'm always available for when you need a friend to tagalong on your trips :)

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Yep. That heatwave has to suck. You've got to pray for snow in Stirling, right?

  11. Looks so beautiful there, wish you a great weekend:)

  12. Hi need to come and stay with us for a while....maybe to feel damp, cold, would soon be wishing for your summer again ..Honest ha ha
    What a great holiday though
    Have a nice sunny weekend
    Hugs Lynn xx

  13. Love it Millie! Is that you shushing (not sure how you spell shushing) down the slopes in the top pic?? Hope you get some cool breeze this weekend, xv.

  14. It sounds fabulous! And looks amazing, even if I am freezing ;)
    Have a wonderful time!

  15. I understand ... I live in the desert in Palm Springs... but I wanted to thank you for the lovely comments on my last blog with the party dress... it means alot ... this is a new direction for my artwork

  16. This is a Great Idea to forget your stifling heat! Have a nice weekend! Kiss Mate

  17. Wonderful images Millie...and aren't they just so cooling just to look at...might have to come back a few times!!! Hope you're taking it easy this weekend in all that heat there...Dzintra XX

  18. Linda/ "Mom..."February 1, 2009 at 2:44 AM

    Oh, Millie, you lucky girl!!! We "did" St. Moritz for 5 days many years ago, & LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of it all! We went a lil' "crazy", tho ~~~ you know, new ski gear, fab new linens for the house, etc ~~~ (Tried to "blame it" on "the altitude" but alas, that happens EVERYtime we go someplace that's "PARADISE" to us!) AGAIN, ohhhh, you lucky girl!!! The pics made my heart sing again~~~mentioned St. Moritz to my husband, and he, TOO, got a big smile on his face, remembering that very special trip!!! THANK YOU for sharing! Linda/ "Mom..." in AZ

  19. Linda/ "Mom..." in AZFebruary 1, 2009 at 2:46 AM

    P.S. OK, OK, you got us thinking... yes, it's time to go back!!! (Oh, you are SOOOO going to lovvvvvve your trip!!! Hope every minute is FABULOUS!)~~~

  20. Ha ha... snow & the cold weather is actually cozy. Just put on the right gears & your on the go! If you're jst a tourists. But living year in & year in? It can be so hard during this time of the year. Lucky enough, now adays our winter isn't too heavy compare 20 yrs ago.

    Our February will be the most coldest month of the year. Temp might come up to 35-45 deg below 0, so now we have the opposite temp.

    I come along w/ you though in your dreamy retreat this w/end. I just love the spa, restaurant & of course, as Debra said, shopping!

    Enjoy your w/end, Lady Mill! Wish you drop by in my poor man's house when you visit Europe.


  21. bonjour millie

    oh je suis déjà allé là!!!
    et peut être un jour on pourra
    partager un café ensemble....



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