Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Cold Lemonade

Day 1 of what looks to be a long & protracted heatwave here in South Australia - not that I'm complaining as I love the hot weather. However, living in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills isn't all beer & skittles, as the risk of bushfires during these unrelenting days of searing, dry heat is ever present. So a quick review of our Bushfire Action Plan (read as: pack the car & get the hell out!) might be the go today & making sure there are plenty of cold drinks for poor MOTH who has to work outdoors in this sizzling heat. And of course, a big dish of water for the possums, koalas, kookaburras, lizards etc. who are our garden 'Lodgers'.

The week ahead:

Today 41C. (106F.)

Wednesday 41C. (106F.)

Thursday 41C. (106F.)

Friday 40C. (104F.)

Saturday 35C. (95F.) - oooh a cool change!

Sunday 38C. (101F.)


  1. It's so funny to read this from Chicago where we are at a high of 11 degrees for the day. I wish I could send you some of this.

  2. Thank you for the tip on the white floors.... boy is it hot there!!! It is so cold over here near Chicago. A high of 7 degress (F) today! Hope you keep cool!

  3. Ouch, I hope you have a pool! I'm sick of the cold, but I know I couldn't cope with 41

  4. Sounds like our Phoenix summers! Dry heat is still hot at 106 degrees! Hope your lemonade chills things out!

  5. Well...you can keep that weather Millie. It is lovely here today and will be somwhere around 21-26C this week...enjoy!
    Ness xx

  6. I saw the weather forecast for South Australia this morning and thought of you. Way too hot for me. Hope your garden survives the heat, and of course, poor MOTH.

  7. It's so nice!...while you prepare and drink your ice cold lemonade i'm preparing a boiling cup of chocolate and whipped cream because today,in the south of Italy, we have 9C.!!! Have a nice day! Mate

  8. Ooh yes it is sweltering here today! Hope your barbeque with your boys went well last night!

  9. We are getting to share the weather in Victoria as well! Thanks so much!

  10. i hear you Millie - we are getting those stinkers in Melbourne too - absolutely foul! You should pop over to Mum's for a swim - there are only about 4 days a year you can swim in a Crafers pool and these are certainly in that category!

  11. Oh my..we have -17 wind chill. It's kind of fun how you and I always have opposite weather. Your posts make me feel a bit warmer!

    I miss the sunshine and green grass!

    Have a great day :)

  12. hot, hot, hot! perfect for lemonade!

  13. Ah! so nice w/ an ice cold lemonade during warm summer.

    I don't need that much as of now. I can wait 3 more months, pls?

    Well, send some warm breeze over at my place §:-)

    Hugs for a wonderful Wednesday, downunder!


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