Monday, January 19, 2009

Hit Refresh!

Hitting my refresh button nearly 4 weeks ago was a very good move & its really made a difference to Miss Millie's general demeanour! I've had such a lovely time, eating & drinking, reading & snoozing, swimming & gardening & enjoying the wonderful company of family & friends - all very therapeutic. Although I'd still rather be down on the coast, its back to work tomorrow & the 'fun' of disabling the Out-Of-Office reply on my laptop & watching all hell break loose!

Thanks to everyone for all the gorgeous comments left while I've been away, you are all just the best - big, big hugs. I've taken the occasional wander around Blogworld & I have to say wow, has this year started with a bang & the occasional controversy!

It seems that everyone has cranked up the quality & content of their blogs a notch or 50 - a very scary thing I reckon. I sat here today having an attack of the 'OMG no-one will ever want to visit the Hedge again!' but then I realized I have Blogland's secret weapon - MOTH!!!

While he's still wearing his favourite daggy shorts, rolled down Melbourne Footy Club socks, torn paint-covered 'I rowed in the 1997 World Masters Games' t-shirt & his eyes still have the glazed over appearance of a Serial Renovator, the Hedge won't run out of posts for a while!

He started the total demolition of our main bathroom last weekend, see pic below. More of the advanced stages later in the week if you're up for it! As you can see, those turquoise beauties on the floor are the original tiles circa 1972. I did mention to MOTH as he started, that as there's probably a market on ebay to sell these tiles intact to mosaic artists, maybe he should try & remove them individually, unbroken. I shan't repeat his answer here, but it was somewhat colourful, & involved something about what both ebay & myself could do with the tiles & delicate parts of our anatomy!

We had a wonderful Christmas & New Year & the Birthday Fairy paid me a visit to add another year to my odometer. She also warned me her wicked step-sister the Wrinkle Fairy has me on the top of her Priority list for 2009! This year everyone felt the overwhelming need to put my new age on all my birthday cards - very poor form in my opinion. However in looking at them again the other day, I had a cathartic moment - 53 backwards is 35, so that's going to be my age for all of this year - yippee!!

The Christmas Lillies finally appeared this month (thanks Kimberlee for your care & concern) & so will be renamed the Hopelessly Late Lillies, however they redeemed their late arrival by giving us literally hundreds of blooms. It's been an absolute treat wandering down & picking armfuls to put throughout the house. The kids are so impressed they reckon they are putting a Business Plan together for MOTH to go into commercial production, in exchange for a healthy Consulting commission for them of course!

And we've had some communication (unedited) from Son # 2, who's travelling in far away places .
Just letting you know im still alive & so Im now in Fes which is one of the nost surreal places you could ever imagine.

Anyway: the people are great and the food is excellent so enjoying it very much. (Editors Note - this comment validates my observations in previous post!)

The guy thats showing me around is just like Borat: Hes quite strange. Might have to forget the Sahara for now as the some kind of conflict involving large missiles.

I hired a car as all the donkeys were out of action and driving around the mountains. (Editors Note - how do they get a drivers licence?!) - Ended up in the oldest University in the world where it was snowing. They wouldnt let me in because I havent finished year 12. Couldnt wait to get rid of Borat in the end though. Where ever I went hed pop out from a building. Nice guy but really annoying. Hanging out with some french guys which is very handy in language department.

I'm in Spain, Barcelona actually which is great. Today's my b/day so off for tapas and copious amounts of ceveza. Think I need to shorten the trip as the euro seems to be eating my balance at faster rate than expected.

And this gem after a comment by his father about the 'interesting' construction of his emails:

Yes da gramma duz need emproovmant!


  1. Welcome back Mille - you have been missed. While w love hearing about your dear MOTH and the hilarious gems from your boys, it is definitely your wit, sense of humour, love of life and all round gorgeousness that brings us back daily!
    A very belated Happy Birthday from us.

  2. Hi Millie,

    We have missed Our Millie. Happy "35" th Birthday!!!

    I have tears streaming down my face while reading your post today, Poor Moth does he know what a star he is? I was laughing so loud, the mister came running over to see what was going on, and then he was laughing too...... So happy your back!


  3. I think MOTH looks wonderful. At least he's not in baggy red sweatpants that everybody's husband has here. And I'm hoping I'm still reading your blog when you turn 59? Then how old will you say you are?

  4. Happy to have you back Millie - have missed The Hedge! Here's to a happy new year of blogging fun and hopefully a little mischief!

  5. Welcome back Miss Millie...happy New Year, you have been missed. You too MOTH, god luv ya there in your rolled down socks!
    Ness xx

  6. Hi Millie, so glad you are back!
    I'm looking forward to your bathroom renovation, very exciting.
    And a belated Happy Birthday.

  7. Oh thank goodness you're back Millie. Things were a bit quiet there for a while. No-one has a MOTH so you are pretty safe. Love hearing about his adventures and ... the fashion.. well what does one say! Happy belated birthday too! Your son sounds like he has the Millie sense of humour.. what a great experience he is having.... glad to hear he ditched Borat! A-M xx

  8. Hooray, lovely to have you back. Happy Birthday! :)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, always a joy to read.

    Gosh you've had a month off, heavenly - I can't remember the last time I had a month to relax, heavenly.

    V exciting re: your bathroom make over, looking forward to following progress.

    Best wishes x

  9. So happy to have you back Millie. I've missed my daily dose of Millie-isms and laughs. Looking forward to seeing that 70's bathroom turn into something magical.

  10. Dear Millie, visiting a blog and liking it has nothing to do with how fancy it is, it has to do with the author and how they present themselves. We all love you and MOTH and that's what keeps us coming back more than anything! Your wonderful photos are a plus!

    So glad you and MOTH are back and I love reading about your sweet life together :)

  11. Hi Millie...and what a wonderful way to spend your holidays...sounds just like bliss!!! Am looking forward to your renovation...and MOTH stories that will undoubtedly arise from it...sounds like you are in for an interesting albeit fun time!!! Happy '35th' Birthday to you Dear Millie...Thoroughly enjoyed this post...and Hugs to you too, Dzintra XX

  12. Welcome back to blogland dear Millie. We've missed your trials and tribulations so much. Now all's right with the world.

  13. Hi Millie,

    So glad your back, I alway love my visits to you in Adelaide. I think we Aussie bloggers have a very strange and wonderful sense of humour. Everyone knows a MOTH or two.

    I hope your first day back at work is not too frantic. I still have another week and half before my two go back to school. We are flying up to QLD tomorrow morning, I hope I survive the heat.
    xxxx Coty

  14. Great to see you back Millie - your gorgeous, funny posts were missed. Great to see progress happening at your house - I think we are in for a great year! Happy 35th birthday too! Tracey xx

  15. So, so lovely to have you back...Your blog and amazing wit will always have me coming back for more my friend....Happy belated birthday...Sending hugs...Cathy xx


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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