Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcome Lulu!

Lulu came home with us yesterday a week earlier than expected & it's been bedlam! We quite expected some separation anxiety as she's been part of a large litter of 9, so has had plenty of puppy company. All was well until 3a.m. this morning when she woke & wouldn't settle back to sleep. After a 1/2hr. of pitiful crying & yelping, MOTH spent the rest of the night in one of the lounge chairs so she could see that someone was around & she hadn't been totally abandoned. We want to set the ground rules from the start, so we resisted the temptation to put her basket in our bedroom. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight!

She is personality plus, a real character & of course we are besotted. She bounces around like she has little springs embedded in her paws - too cute for her own good really! The kids are coming over tomorrow to meet her, so I'll try & take some better pics. These via my Crackberry are not good - sorry.

The first week at my new job was exhausting & I'm soooo glad we have a Public Holiday tomorrow to celebrate our Gracious Majesty's birthday. I miss my old clients to bits, & the challenge of undertaking a whole different group of products is testing me to the max. My new Company's corporate philosophy is taking some getting my head around as well. It appears that I am the most laid-back & relaxed employee they have, so I guess that means they will be on a bit of leaning curve too. Maybe by this time next year everyone will be mini-Millie's in their approach to work, now wouldn't that be something!!



  1. Lulu is adorable Millie. What a wonderful addition to your family! We have done the same with Mitzie. She sleeps down in the kitchen in her bed. I would have gladly had her in with us, but Todd said no, right from the start and it's probably a good thing. xxoo

  2. Oh Millie, your Lulu is gorgeous! I feel love is in the air! I admire you for taking this leap in your career. I am sure you will have them wrapped in the 'methods of Millie' in no time! You are a breath of fresh air. They obviously know a good thing when they see it!

    Jeanne xxx

  3. Oh she is divine Millie. How wonderful that you have her in your life. Glad you survived your first week. Tough stuff. A-M xx

  4. Hi Millie,

    Oh how darling your new baby is... Lulu is so precious and hope she settles in and not too many sleepless nights.
    Is she a Labradoodle? We have friends that have a sweet puppy and looks a lot like her. Enjoy celebrating our Gracious Majestys birthday, we had our holiday last Monday.


  5. Well you have got your hands full with lots of people and animals to whip into shape. Hope it all goes to plan and you don't succumb to their ways. Unless it's Miss Lulu's ways and she has you around her little paw in no time. I look forward to watching you succeed where I failed - our dog loves our bed!

  6. Oh she is adorable and I fully endorse the name. Our gorgeous dog is Lulu too. What sort of dog is she? She looks like an oodle of some variety. Stay strong re the sleeping,you will be glad later on.
    I must say MOTH looks totally besotted already. Isn't it amazing how a little bundle of fluff can reduce you to goo and gaa. Enjoy.

  7. Love Lulu - she is gorgeous as is the name. We have just welcomed our third husky(fourth dog)into our family last week. Havent I already had my kids!!? M slept for two nights in the living area with her to help her settle? The things we do. Hope all goes well with Lulu's settling in. Adorable.
    Rebecca x

  8. Oh Mill's
    Lulu is a beauty.....she is so cute......pretty nearly as cute as our new grandson Henry !!!!
    .... and, can I commend MOTH on his puppy looking-after skills ? What a trooper he is.
    Your photos are great and, we would all love to see more.
    Have been wondering how the new job was going......I can just see you now, calming everyone down!! I bet they can't believe your laid back demeanour.
    I watched Trooping the Colour yesterday for the Queen's official birthday. She looks pretty good for 85 doesn't she ?....and, as for Prince Philip.....he's doing great for 90. Kate looked divine in an off white jacket and, as she often buys off of the High Street I thought I'd see where she got it from only to find out that it was Alexander McQueen and cost £ 2,500 !!!! Just slightly out of my price range, to put it mildly !!
    Have a great holiday doubt you will be playing with your Lulu (....Ooooo err Missus !!.... that sound's a bit rude, doesn't it Haha !!) XXXX

  9. oh lulu is gorg I have a spanial I remember the day she came home.Is lulu a spoodle ? She was 5 weeks old .have fun with lulu
    jo x

  10. Awww...that is an adorable puppy!!!

    She's going to love having the boys home!

  11. What a great name for your very cute puppy. For several weeks/months our dog Archie thought his name was NO!

  12. Oh boy what a lovely puppy! I see you are trying not to spoil her. I hope you get a good sleep tonight. Have a great week!!

  13. welcome lulu! she's a cutie. she's lucky to have you and moth as parents. enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! pam

  14. I love your little Lulu! Enjoy the many years to come of unconditional love and hugs. Spoil her as much as you like and want. A quote I once heard, 'Whoever said you can't buy happiness, forgot little puppies.' Jacqueline xx

  15. Perfect name for a perfect puppy! I hope the people at work become little Millies and not you becoming them. Relaxed but dedicated is good! Fiona

  16. That little Lulu of yours is too adorable for words! Just gorgeous. And glad you got your first week out of the way - onwards and upwards from here on in. K xx

  17. Oh the the joys and the frustrations of a new puppy. :)
    She is so adorable. It looks like she has already wormed her way into you hearts.

  18. Oh Millie Lulu looks so cute look out here comes one spoilt dog.
    I wish you all the best in your new job I'm sure you'll be a great success.
    Kind Regards

  19. She's beautiful Millie. Good on you Moth for being such a great Daddy..Rachaelxx

  20. millie,
    i am so sorry...
    i have been absent. i didn't even hear the whole story on hong kong.
    BUT.....a new baby girl puppy is the best!!!

    congratz to you both.
    and BTW...i am having a real adjustment as well with
    my new {silent hahahah} partner.

    hugs to you my dear friend

  21. She is absolutely precious. OMG! I am so glad you and MOTH have a new baby. It helps to keep men mushy and not so grumpy and jack ass like. You know what I mean? Congrats to you two. Love, Heidi

  22. Oh Millie could she be any cuter!!! What a divine fur child and very lucky to have such a wonderful Mummy :)

  23. So CUTE! Precious - so happy for you - please give the new one a little hug for me!

    Best Wishes,

  24. Welcome Miss LuLu indeed! She is absolutely adorable- I could eat her up!! Puppy kisses from Ella and me!



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