Saturday, June 25, 2011

Many Marthas Make Light Work

Oh gosh what a week that was! It was fascinating & scary being in a room of complete strangers, but it was a good opportunity to sit quietly, listen & learn about the people I'll be working with. And boy, oh boy, are there some 'dynamic' personalities amongst them! There are several who can best be described as 'intense' & I'm sooo not used to dealing with that character trait. I found them exhausting, literally sucking the air completely from the room. It confirmed my earlier thought that I am by far the most relaxed & chilled-out employee the Company has! Life's just too short for all that jazz, & somehow I'm going to have to work on some strategies for dealing that level of dead-set serious intensity, wish me luck!

I went straight from the Airport last night to Son #5's house for a Very Important Date. Sweet Miss A. had asked me to join her & the bridesmaids to make the Engagement Party invitations. After bubbly & a yummy supper, we set to. After a week of no fun, I needed a big hit of laughter & silliness & boy there was plenty to be had, as we tried to cut along the dotted line after too many champers, tie impossibly small bows, attempt to stick tiny pearls to the cards with a recalcitrant glue gun & deal with a run-away role of double sided tape. Despite my woeful attempts, the results were spectacular - the cards are truly gorgeous & the night a great success.

It was wonderful to get home to puppy Lulu who has run MOTH ragged in my absence. He ended up taking her to work with him yesterday & despite my misgivings she had a ball. Not exactly your typical Tradie's dog, she was a big hit with everyone at the job. She's asleep on my lap as I write this, still recovering from her first foray into the world of work. A bit sad I reckon for a 9 week old!



  1. Hi Millie,

    Wishing you much luck with your new job, and hope that they will lighten up so that it can be a more relaxed atmosphere. Glad that you were able to have a laugh and some fun at your Girls night.
    I bet Lulu is the sweetest and how precious she was asleep on your lap.

    Hope that you are staying warm and having a lovely weekend

  2. Sounds like fun after your last week...Have a relaxing weekend Millie....xv

  3. Dear Mill's,
    I think that you will be a breath of fresh air amongst the intense and dynamic environment of your new workplace !! They probably won't know how to deal with it !!
    .....and, it's so lovely, being involved in son #5's engagement/wedding preparations. I am just a little flummoxed as to why MOTH wasn't helping with the invitations, knowing how good he is at that sort of thing !!!! haha. I thought that his skills with grosgrain ribbon would have come in very handy !! .....but, it was obviously an all girl affair, otherwise I'm sure that he would have been there helping.
    ....and, he is obviously using his dog handling skills at the moment. What a man, to have so many strings to his bow !!
    Hope that you are taking time for a bit of R & R for yourself. New jobs can really take it out of you. XXXX

  4. I love sitting at a table with the gals and "busy hands" I am finding it more difficult though, not because of the fumbling fingers or the glue guns that always make me curse, but the eyesight! I peer down my nose and squint through my readers as I try to find the teeny tiny hole that the ribbon has to go through. But all that aside - what a great bonding opportunity.

  5. oooooh - sounds like you have some big challenges at your new work - never fear - I know you will have them sorted in no time. I had some huge up hill battles when I first started my 'new job' almost two years ago. love it now.
    You would have been in your absolute ELEMENT at the 'make the engagement party invitations' - what fun! So so lovely of them to invite you, I like this girl already!! xx

  6. Hi there! Just so you don't try to fit your square peg in to a round hole!
    Preserve your uniqueness.....that is why they hired you. ( Hear what Ralph Lauren ran into. Interview on his or something like that.....keep searching for is absolutely fascinating!)

    really important to keep your core values...even when it seems like ruin!

    He just gave an interview about walking away from his biggest account....(he was doing ties) Bergdorf's..was his dream come true!
    ....they wanted him to change them. He walked. (That was his original probably weren't born...) Imagine how hard it would be to walk from your dream client in the world. He did. Listen to him.

    I was in LA.......they were WIDE!! and original......and he "walked out of Bergdorf's" He had the "courage of his convictions"!!
    and he stayed with them. I think if you go to his website......this interview is there......very inspiring!! can find it!

    Best of luck!


  7. Hi Millie; I think we'd get along very well. I appreciate those who are easy-going, happy and go with the flow. Life IS too short and nothing is worse than those that suck the life and light out of any space. Thank goodness you got to end the torture with a memorable evening with your soon to be daughter in law, and her bridesmaid's doing something so fun and memorable. Tell MOTH I know there are puppy labor laws in some countries! Enjoy your cuddle time with Lulu. Happy weekend xx


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