Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hand Me The Vitamin D

This lovely image from Cote Sud is a must have here at The Hedge today, to remind me that somewhere in the world today the weather is warm & the sun is shining! I spent the week in Sydney at an Oncology conference & the city turned on it's wettest July week in 60 years for me. It was truly miserable, I've never seen Sydney so grey, damp & unwelcoming. It was an interesting conference & the scientific presentations outstanding.

The highlight for me was the final presentation given by Dr. Paul Stalley an Orthopaedic Surgeon from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. He discussed his paediatric osteosarcoma patients & the journey they & their families undertake with this wicked disease. His very moving & salient advice to the health professionals involved in the care of these patients & their parents had most of us in the auditorium reaching for the tissues. A delayed flight back to Adelaide meant that I didn't stumble in the door until nearly 11p.m. last night, so I'm weary & battle-scarred this morning. A freezing, misty, wet Sunday in the Hills isn't doing much to lighten my mood either. I figured my Vit. D levels must be at an all-time low, so have attacked the capsules this morning in an attempt to elevate the levels to a respectable norm.

It was a treat to open the Sunday papers in front of the fire this morning & see the lovely Miss Kimberlee from Brown Button giving her take on the huge growth of online shopping here in Australia. I know I've embraced it vigorously & our dear friend Vicki Archer recently made some very interesting observations over at French Essence about her experiences. Even that old IT dinosaur MOTH is doing it, much to the family's amazement. So I reckon with that shining endorsement, online retail therapy has finally come of age. How about you? Any thoughts & more to the point, any great recommendations??

Image: Cote Sud



  1. Hi Mill's,
    You really do put me to shame. You work so hard but, I am sure that your work is so rewarding and, the presentation by Dr. Stalley must have been moving, interesting and enlightening.
    We have had rain for the past week but, the skies are blue this Sunday morning so, a spot of gardening is called for, I think.
    Regarding online shopping, I think that it's probably me who has boosted the figures !!!! I LOVE it and shop online all the time.
    .....and, to think that MOTH is doing it too is brilliant. I'm just wondering what he might be buying ...... fishing tackle, gardening paraphanalia, Victoria's Secret catalogue, Size 10 stilleto's ?!!!! Can you enlighten us please ? XXXX

  2. Thanks darling! Very odd opening to a picture of me in the paper today when i was having a farewell breakfast with friends at the lion?! - hope you are well and you are keeping warm. I'll keep in touch, promise xx

  3. Must admit I do a lot of my Shopping online don't have to worry about crowds and It's fantastic for finding something a bit different for Christmas Presents even my other half is now buying Cowboy Boots & Fishing equipment online from the US, saw the horrible Weather conditions in the Hills this morning while we were driving up Cross Rds looked awful :(

  4. I was in Sydney Thur-Sun and the rain, the rain, the rain. The city was awash! Sunday turned out quite nice though - even sunshine, although still nippy out!

    I'm a converted online shopper - not having ready access to shops living out here means that its the easiest way to find something. I have problems ordering clothes/shoes online as I really like to try them on so end up returning them as often as not for not fitting 'right', but everything else is fair game! So far this month I've purchased electronics, manchester, luggage and airline tickets!

  5. Well goodness it's raining here too. Sigh. Nothing for it but to open a bottle of champagne and hit the internet shops :) Wish I had that paper to read. I love Brown Button!

  6. Hi Millie,

    Seems to be raining everywhere!
    We are getting the timber replaced on our deck this week, so not the best of times to be doing that.
    We have sun today though, which is great.
    I do quite a bit of shopping online and seems to work well.
    I hope the weather warms up for you and enjoy the rest of the week.


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