Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Letter From Lulu

Hello dear Hedgies, Lulu here. Another week has gone by at lightening speed & here's what's been happening in my world.

  • I turned 12 weeks old, have gained 1.4 kg. in 2 weeks & am becoming a fat little pudding.

  • Went to my first Puppy Pre-School class on Thursday night & didn't disgrace myself or my Mama or Papa. I networked over free play & quickly made friends with Honey, Lexie, Mieke, Bonnie, Maggie & Lily. I'll be adding them to my LinkedIn page very soon.

  • I'm still dividing my time between sleeping in front of the fire & playing outside in the garden looking for the biggest sticks I can find. Then I use all my strength to drag them in & proceed to chew them to bits on the floor. Mama says the Dust Buster is working overtime & will turn its toes up soon with overuse.

  • I've finally learnt to go through my new doggie door with confidence. I wish I'd had my doggie camera handy to film my Papa lying down on his stomach on the floor for hours trying to teach me how to push the door with my nose. My Mama says I might have prolonged the exercise somewhat just to keep seeing Papa in such a strange position looking like a dork, but that's just not true.

  • I've been a good, good puppy & not had any 'accidents' inside for 2 days now. Of course I'm lulling Mama & Papa into a false sense of security & that will end tomorrow.

  • Mama is looking very tired & I heard her telling Papa she's finding her new job challenging. Something about her Boss's odd ways, the strange corporate culture & a few other things I couldn't understand. Papa just told her to toughen up & I saw her blow her nose a few times & wipe her eyes with the same things she uses to clean out my ears.

  • Of course I've still got Mama & Papa wrapped right around my little paws & Papa has even given up his favourite chair in front of the fire for me. Thats me sitting on it in the picture, although I think my Mama's a bit tough making me sit on a couple of old beach towels & not the lovely white linen covers I've coveted since I arrived here.

Mama says Hi to you all & she says she misses you all too much.

Love Lulu xx



  1. Aw one look at your sweet face and I would nearly let you sit on the white covers.

  2. Greetings to Lulu from Gibson in Normandy - seems like July is a fashionable month for puppies :)

    Lulu is a doll

  3. aawwww
    i love them.

    but like children they grow up too fast.


  4. dEeR lUlU,
    sOunDs lIkE yUv haD a GoOD weEK. mE mOmMiE sAiD yEwS iS veWy HAnDsOMe- yEwS iS! mE iS hOpPy tO haVE a pUPpy pAL dOWn uNDEr. iS tHaT uNdER tHE cHAiR???

    yUR pAL,

  5. Archie says, 'Hi Lulu - we miss your mama while she is working so hard. Hope she's doing well and give her an extra snuggle when you hear her sniffles.'

  6. Awww...sounds like lulu is coming right along! The doggie door update was most amusing.
    Best of luck with the new job, Millie...hope each week improves! xo

  7. Awwww Lulu! You are too cute! Hugs to you and my sister of the mysterious!
    xo Isa ... and her two siberian huskies!

  8. Oh no, not the furniture Lulu! Your Mummy may have to toughen up with you - even though you are very very cute. Give her an extra lick tonight if she comes home from another tough day at the office. xx
    P.S Bruno says hi (from the floor beside his Mummy's bed)

  9. are too gorgeous!! Ax

  10. Such cuteness! Nothing like a fat little pudding of a puppy or a kitten.

  11. Hi Millie,

    Oh Lulu is so precious, love the soulful look.
    Hope the new job is going better and wishing you a fabulous weekend


  12. Your puppy is so precious. Hope this week will be better for you. Heidi

  13. lulu, you and i would get along fabulously! and we both have our mommies and daddies wrapped around our little paws. pixel

  14. Love this post - just gorgeous. I've just bought a new puppy too and she is now the same age. And yes, she has us wrapped around our little finger as well. Aren't they adorable?

  15. Willoughby wants to know if Lulu wants a Trans-Tasman playdate :-)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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