Monday, July 4, 2011

Using My Noodle

As the sub-title to the movie says, 'Life is full of surprises' & so was little gem. This has been on my QuickFlix queue for ages, so I threw it in the DVD on Saturday night, not expecting much. I was wrong, really wrong! Somewhat slow to start & with English sub-titles set far too low on the screen, Noodle was a challenge to watch, but a truly delightful one. I've fallen for the lead Mili Avital, an Israeli actor, highly acclaimed for her varied roles on the screen & in the theatre.

This week, our friend Vicki Archer posted a thought-provoking discussion about just how much makeup is too much as we age gracefully (or disgracefully as MOTH so succintly puts it!).

While not quite in the same decade age-wise as moi, I reckon Mili A. has the right idea. She is a stunning natural beauty & thankfully she hasn't used a brickie's trowel to apply her makeup.

So if you haven't seen Noodle the movie do grab yourself a copy, I know you'll find it a treat. And I'm going to take Vicki's advice & change my ways a little - so at 55 I'm going to head down the tinted moisturizer for day & foundation at night route. MOTH will be thrilled to have his cement trowel back!!!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely nod Millie....
    I would love to watch this film so shall try and find a copy...Good luck this week.....xv

  2. She is a natural beauty and so nice to see a Hollywood actress happy to age gracefully.

  3. I think you're prettier! :) Seriously.

  4. Hahah! My cement trowell's so full of plaster that I couldn't get make up on it if I tried. Can't seem to rid myself of my mascara and lipgloss though. Otherwise I spend all day looking for my eyes!!!


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