Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Birthday MOTH!

I'd thought I'd spoil MOTH on his 63rd birthday today & give him a treat. Here are the 2 most important things in his & his gorgeous girl Justine.

I've been working in Darwin all week & have only just got home. Puppy Lulu & MOTH seemed to have survived OK on the puppy casserole I left them, although I had to cover Lulu's ears when MOTH made a comment about just how delicious the puppies were!! We're out for dinner tonight with the kids to celebrate another year in the life of MOTH. Jussie if you catch this post, maybe you could surprise your biggest fan with a comment, you would make an old man VERY happy!

Images: Justine Schofield



  1. Hope you have a wonderful dinner. A week in Darwin at this time of the year sounds fabulous - not too wet. Wish MOTH a very happy birthday. Virginia x

  2. Happy Birthday MOTH hope you have a lovely night out. And by the way How gorgeous is Justine?

  3. My dear MOTH,
    Many Happy Returns of the Day. I know from Millie's posts, that you have a little crush on me so, I thought that a little comment on your birthday would be appropriate. I love all of my fans and, without them, I wouldn't be where I am today but, I have to say that you, MOTH, are my favourite and, most dedicated. You seem such a kind man, who panders to his wife's every whim and, if only I were a few years older, Millie might have a bit of competition !! I am now doing private cooking classes so, if you would like a little one to one action just call me,
    Love and kisses,
    Justine ♥ ♥ ♥
    PS: I'm so sorry about your back. You should never have tried to hang from the chandelier on that wonderful stolen weekend we had ( Ooops, I've let the cat out of the bag now !! )

  4. To Moth - happy 40th... Hoping you have a lovely lovely birthday dinner.

    I am going to embarrass myself by this comment but who is Justine?

  5. Happy Birthday MOTH - I'm sure you are being honoured in a manner deserving by our favourite domestic goddess. That's Millie, MOTH...not Justine, as lovely as she is, but you have the best, chuck out the rest. Meredy xo

  6. Happy Birthday Moth, and may it be the start of a fabulous year ahead.
    Enjoy your dinner out Millie and Moth, with your kids and hope that you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


  7. Happy Birthday MOTH. We Virgos are perfect people, aren't we? Hope you're being spoiled by all and sundry.

    Jennifer xx

  8. Oh, thats funny! Happy Birthday MOTH. Hope you have had a wonderful day.
    Ness xx

  9. Happy Birthday to MOTH. Hope he is happy with the food and his family celebration - even if it is without Justine!She is gorgeous and was my favorite female on Masterchef that season. Sweet Dreams MOTH....
    Enjoy your weekend Millie
    Rebecca x

  10. Ha! Where is that darn reply from Justine? Too bad she wouldn't just pick up the phone! Chin up MOTH, we all know it's tough 'admiring from afar' but never give up the dream. I hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful year leading up to the next one.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday to You, We Gonna Party Likes It's Yo Birthday, Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah! Happy Birthday MOTH. Love, Heidi

  12. Happy birthday to MOTH. Hope dinner was wonderful. I'm sure being home is wonderful to you! Gorgeous daughter there, MOTH! wow.

  13. Happy Birthday MOTH - hope it's a great one!!

  14. gosh i love you both!!! puppy casserole....
    HAPPY MOTH DAY and thanks for your comment re 'THE single fronted cottage' - bit exciting. Think it is good i have it to come home to though, otherwise i think i would find the return hard, I'm definitely enjoying my time abroad.... xxx

  15. Buon compleanno...
    bellissimo blog!

    Happy birthday ...
    beautiful blog!


  16. Sister of the mysterious! I giggled about the puppy casserole comment (sorry Lulu!)
    Happy, happy birthday to NOTH!!
    xo isa

  17. Hi Millie,happy birthday to Moth!!!! Justine is sooooo beautiful!!!!!
    Nice week to you.

  18. Happy Birthday from The Boys at Willowbrook. Hope you had a great day! David and Peter.

  19. Best wishes to MOTH Millie ... hope you all had a wonderful dinner!


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