Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Best Use Of......

.......a clinker dinghy! When John & Nicky Fisher were building a guest house next to their home on Queen Charlotte Sound in New Zealand's South Island, Nicky noted that it lacked a porch roof.

Without a blink, the lovely John commandeered an old clinker dinghy c.1930, which he'd restored in 1989, up ended it & voila, problem solved!

If you fancy a luxurious weekend away in Kiwi Land, go here to drool!

Images: NZ Life & Leisure



  1. Very beautiful. I dreamed of waking up each morning savoring fresh mountain air while facing the lake. Mmm, heaven!

    J. Harp @ Interior Design Pro

  2. Hi Millie
    Beautiful. I'm glad all went well at the engagement.Congratulations to the happy couple.
    I been so busy I haven't had time to comment before now
    Kind Regards

  3. Novel idea Millie....I think I would always feel upside down though! Glad the weekend went well and you had a wonderful party. xv

  4. Fabulous idea - and the rest of the house looks lovely too.

    Glad the weekend and engagement party went well. Still looking for that photo of you and MOTH.
    P.S Congrats on being appointed to Mise's Queen Mother position!

  5. Best use for an "arrr billy" I've ever seen. Ours always dumps us in the lake. Beautiful place!

  6. What a great use for a dinghy, and the view...amazing!!

  7. Looks divine! I've been home over a week now, is it time to go on holidays again? :)

  8. Oh Millie, you make me laugh with the comments you leave. Thank you. I am sorry I haven't been over here for a while. I haven't been anywhere really... but it's nice to visit and read all about your lovely party. Congratulations!
    Love the dinghy. Just looks like it was always there. A-M xx

  9. How stunning! I am off to look at more. Letitia xx

  10. Ahh, Kiwi ingenuity. Nothing a piece of number 8 wire and a handy dinghy can't fix!

  11. gives new meaning to row row row your boat.
    roof roof roof your boat.


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