Sunday, September 18, 2011

I've Got To Do What?

Dearest Hedgies, I'm writing this post from my hotel room in Melbourne. Yes, I'm back again for the 3rd time in 3 months. The reason is one I never thought I'd have to report - my new Company want me to do a 3 day Basic Sales Training Course. I did remind them through gritted teeth that that is exactly what I've been doing very sucessfully for the past 21 years - they were unmoved. I even suggested that I send them an image of the slew of awards sitting on the shelf over my desk.....a couple of them actually say Sales Person of the Year.... they were still unmoved. So I'm now resigned to get through the next few days as best I can without marching the Trainer out of the door & conducting the Course myself & then running with joy to get the plane back to Adelaide on Wednesday night. Then I have a couple of days annual leave as we need to prepare for our very exciting weekend - Son #5 & the gorgeous Miss A's engagement party on Saturday night.

The house will be overflowing with interstate relatives & friends - puppy Lulu will be beside herself with so many new people to jump all over! I have a beautiful new party dress hanging in the wardrobe & an equally gorgeous pair of party shoes to dance the night away in. So let the week begin & please, please, please let Wednesday night come quickly.



  1. I never cease to be amazed by some of the corporate stupidity I see. Hope it's not too grim Millie :)

  2. hehehehe.. can't help but laugh.. perhaps you should do a paper on 'How Not To Waste Corporate Funds'... hang in there.. sounds like a perfect weekend coming up for you.. congrats and best wishes to the happy couple.. ciao xxx Julie

  3. Dear Millie, You've sold me the idea that you didn't need to do that course, which in itself speaks for your sales skills. I hope the peskiness is compensated for by shopping opportunities.

  4. Oh could teach the courses...but you already knew that. How boring for you! And frustrating. Yes, I'd concentrate on the fun that is to come once back home! :)

  5. Clearly you could be the teacher...I'm sold!!

  6. Oh, good grief Mills. Those unmoved ninnies! Wednesday will be here soon, you will have schooled the trainer, and the unmoved ... Well they sound like they need 3 days of.. something!!
    I giggled over Lulu having more people to jump on. Congratulations to the happy couple! Before you know it, the week will pass, you will be twirling your new dress, kicking up your new shoes and all will be rightt again!
    xo isa

  7. Perhaps the reason is not corporate stupidity but only that they can't excuse one from taking the course one without creating tension among the others. Like driving on vacation with MOTH, perhaps you could ask too many questions (and then give an answer yourself) Click you pen ten thousand times to the beat of "we will we will Rock You" (Queen) and meet new people and try to see a silver lining. The three days will go by quicker than you imagine and then PARTY ON! my friend.

  8. Hope you let them know that you could be the instructor! Incredible how stupid some corporations are... Deep breaths...deep breaths...

  9. Hi Millie,

    Hope that you survived the Training Course, and I am sure that you would have been able to teach them a thing or two! Now it is Wednesday and you have some fun times ahead.
    Congratulations to Son # 5 and gorgeous Miss A.
    Have a fabulous weekend, dancing in your new party dress and shoes.


  10. I'm sorry that you had to go and take a really basic class (that sounds like something my company would do!), but I hope you were able to enjoy some free time in Melbourne while you were there.

    Congratulations to your son on his engagement.


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