Friday, September 30, 2011

The Power Of Social Media!

OK gorgeous Hedgies, here's the deal. My dear Bloggie chum A-M from The House That A-M Built has been powerless thanks to a huge stuff up by her energy provider Origin. Go here to read her story. She's been updating us on Twitter today & the comments via her blog post & Twitter account have gone off the scale. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she wasn't trending globally, there's so many agitated A-M fans baying for Origin's blood on her behalf. Here's some of her Tweets.

The House That A-M Built: Would You Ever Use Origin Energy?

Sitting in apartment complex corridor with my 2 boys plugged into the cleaners power. Going to bring out the jug and boil me a tea.


I have electricity. Now to clean out my festering fridge. Laying it all out and photographing it. Just what I felt like doing today!

Then lo & behold this Tweet to A-M:
@ Origin Energy

Hi A-M, Just read your blog post, I wonder if it would be okay to have someone call you to discuss this issue?- Claire

So these faceless Corporations have taken on board the power of social media & are now monitoring their Company's performance or lack of out there in social media land. Suddenly my world has taken on a whole new meaning. No more MOTH yelling down the phone to some organization's Not Customer Service dept. trying to resolve an issue the MOTH way. All I need do now is post my complaint here at The Hedge & it will be resolved in a flash. Oh the power, the power (every pun intended!!!). Do leave the amazing A-M a message of support if you can, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. It's the weekend, go enjoy!



  1. How very nice of you to post this Millie. I have already been over to have my say. I think it is a sad day if the company do something as a result of social media pressure rather than just old fashioned good service.

  2. Yes, how business communication is changing! And fast. Am in stitches over the fiasco with Gasp Jeans which has gone viral on twitter, whereupon one of their staff members insulted a customer in their Chapel St store, and when she wrote an email to the company to complain, they sent her back a reply saying she was at fault because she wasn't stylish enough to shop in their stores....And now it is all over the world...

    Have a wonderful weekend Millie! Virginia xx

  3. great story! - all power to us bloggers, but also a reminder to be careful of what we say - someone could be listening!
    have a great weekend

  4. oh, poor a-m! i can sympathize ever so slightly. i am on day 5 of no refrigerator (it's one month old) and am waiting patiently for an overnighted part. apparently overnight now means 2-3 days. who knew. i did phone the store this morning where i bought the appliance and within an hour the manager had a temp fridge out to our house until the part arrives. so kudos to him. good luck a-m!

  5. Oh Millie, you darling. Thank you for mentioning me. I was amazed at how quickly I got some action as soon as I blogged and tweeted about the situation. I sat on my mobile phone for hours the day before while they tried to work out their stuff up (at my expense)! Next time (god forbid if there is a next time) .... straight to social media. I have to thank all my lovely twitter friends too, for retweeting my tweets! I think that's what got Origin's blood boiling... the retweeting..... goes viral very quickly! A-M xx


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