Friday, March 2, 2012

Cloud Cuckoo Land

What was I thinking when I thought this exploratory procedure would be a cinch?! What a nightmare couple of days I've had. My left knee's been replaced by a something I don't recognize in size & colour.....& as for the pain, how come no-one warned me! As expected the stairs at home have proved to be my nemesis & MOTH's had to drag me up & down them on his back. Can't add much except to Squeak the lovely Hedgie who left this comment 'Hi Millie, I've had the same surgery twice. There's very little pain. As a matter of fact, I didn't take any of the painkillers the doctor prescribed.' I'll have what you're on mate.

To complete my misery, the procedure was an abject failure. The smart young Gen Y whizz kid of an Orthopaedic Surgeon fessed up that things were a lot worse than he expected once he shoved his camera into me poor old knee. Not a bit of remedial good could he do. So that's it, my Season's over, I'm stuffed. Excuse me but I hear the drug trolley being pushed my way, time for another hit of whatever I can get. It's the weekend dear Hedgies, so go enjoy!

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  1. Oh how dreadful!
    All that pain and misery and no improvements made! Sending you a big comforting hug. Julienne xxxx

  2. Oh Millie, all that pain for frustrating, grrrr :( I'm so sorry to hear that.
    Was it all those years of professional soccer that ruined your knee so badly? ;)

    So what can they offer the next thing a knee replacement?

    Oh Mills, really disappointed for you...hope the pain improves v soon XXXX

  3. So sorry it hasn't turned out as expected. ((((hugs)))) I know all about knee pain. Have been struggling with mine for a couple of years now. Have a torn meniscus and osteo arthritis. I have good days and bad days. Hope you feel better soon! xxoo

  4. Oh Mill's
    What a bugger !! To go through all of that, only to be told that they couldn't get your knee back to good working order. As Simone said, can you have knee replacement ?
    Here's hoping the pain eases quickly ..... I do have a wonderful mental picture of you and MOTH going up and down the stairs !!!!
    Keep smiling Mill's. I hope that there's a lot of alchohol being drunk .... purely for medicinal reasons !! Much love and sending healing vibes from the UK. XXXX

  5. So sorry to hear of all this misery. I just hope it works out fine for you. Being stuck and out of motion can be miserable but being in pain can stop you from concentrating on even the simplest task such as reading. Hope the pain lifts for you soon! take care

  6. Poor Millie! Abandon the drugs and have some gin, I say. That sounds ever so miserable, and you are enterprising to be blogging at all in its midst.

  7. Oh Millie, what a horrible ordeal. How come the footballers are back on the field in a week or two? Oh yeah, no brain, no pain! Do rest up and hopefully there will be some miracle cure in the not too distant future. Glad MOTH's back is in good working order again so he can lugg you around. Or shouldn't I speak too soon. Lots of love and hugs,

    Jennifer xx

  8. Millie sorry to hear it didn't go to plan...hope you are feeling better soon and don't have to be lugged up and down the stairs too often...then Moth will need the painkillers.
    sending big Hugs!

  9. My poor sweet Millie, I'm on the next plane to Oz to lug you drug you and nurse you back to health. I'm so sorry to hear this as does all of the other Hedgies. Sending you my love, Heidi

  10. Oh no, Millie, now I feel really bad! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have said anything.

    Both of my surgeries were done in Canada, at two different hospitals.

    I'm afraid I'm not on anything, Millie. But I suspect I have a very high tolerance for pain.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had the worst staph infection after my first surgery. All the skin peeled off the tops of my feet, my torso and the palms of my hands. It took me months (and some serious drugs) to get rid of it.

    Please get well soon. And next time I comment, don't pay any attention to anything I say!

  11. Oh no Millie - how awful. I hope that it gets better faster than you think possible.

  12. Groan. That's no good at all. So suggestions of apple cider, epsom salts baths or horse dung poultices probably won't help. Sending you good thoughts is best I can do. Would bring grapes if lived closer. Deb x

  13. Well I'm in your camp Millie, 'hit me with the drugs...Stat'
    I've experienced my share of minor but nevertheless painful ops requiring cutting, gouging and sutures so I don't hold with the 'I'm tough' philosophy.
    Thinking of you sweetheart and hoping the agony disappears soon.

  14. Oh, so sorry to hear this news! :(
    I am impressed that you manage to write with a bit of humor nonetheless.
    Hoping this is all a faded memory really soon!

  15. Oh dear Millie, I am so sorry for you and what a horrible ordeal to have to go through and then this.
    Sending lots of well wishes to you and hope you feel better soon.

    Love & hugs
    Carolyn xo

  16. Oh how annoying! How &^^%$*%(#) annoying!
    I can't believe the whizzkid surgeon couldn't do anything! Hasn't he SEEN Grey's Anatomy? Doesn't he KNOW that good-looking surgeons can do ANYTHING?!
    What about getting a second opinion?
    We need to get that knee fixed soon. We don't want you to miss that metaphorical train!
    Janelle xx

  17. Courage ! I hope everything improves quickly ; there is no way people should be left to suffer nowadays ! XXX

  18. Oh my goodness dear girl - I see why you needed the bubbles to go with the painkillers. Frustrating, rotten luck. Just as well you have your quick wit and philosophical outlook on life to alleviate SOME of the frustrations. Won't help with the pain though - but I truly hope that becomes manageable asap and that you will be back to bustling about with vigor asap as well. VB xx

  19. Oh Millie....those bloody ortho surgeons....they don't call them the carpenters of surgery for nothing. Your poor knee! Good grief, do they not know who they're dealing with? Do they not understand that the collective bad vibes of the blogosphere will be channelled their way if they don't get you fixed up to Jimmy Choo wearing standards post haste? Sending you a virtual jug of Pimm's with lots of health-bearing fruit to speed up your recovery. Wish I could send George Clooney also, to pour it for you and tend to your every need. Much love, Meredy xo.

  20. Oh no Millie, that is not the news I was hoping to read from you - fingers crossed dear MOTH can provide some extra TLC to lessen the pain!!

    Christine xo

  21. dear friend, I have been thinking of you these past days, wondering how you were getting on. I am so sorry to hear that the operation has not gone as planned. I have a feeling the wrath of Millie will descend like no one can imagine. I sincerely hope that a solution will be at hand Millie...I am praying for you! Rest easy and I am with Janelle...a second opinion, absolutely!
    Jeanne xx

  22. Millie-
    Good gracious you poor thing.
    What can we do, shall we all come after that whiz kid Doc and teach him a lesson?
    Does he know the wrath of blog bullies hath no fear.
    I mean hurting one of our own.....that is too much to bear.
    Take it ez and I do hope your every need is being tended to.
    Do you have one of those tiny bells?

  23. Hi Millie,

    Have been thinking of you today, dear friend, and do hope that you are feeling better.
    Rest up and get better, sending more healing wishes and hugs
    Carolyn xo

  24. Hi Mill's,
    Just thought I'd come over to see how you were getting on ..... is the pain easing a little now? Hope that all of the men are rallying round and pandering to your every whim !!
    Lots of love and get well soon. XXXX

  25. Oh Mills, I'm just catching up on the news. Bugger! And will that young ortho render you a bill? Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x


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