Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple Style

I'm still here dear Hedgies - thank you all so much for the fabulous comments left on the previous post. Everything you said perked me up no end. However, the follow-up visit with the Orthpod saw me shedding a few tears of frustration out in the car park afterwards, the news was even worse than I thought it was going to be. At only 56 I need a full knee replacement & much, much sooner rather than later....bugger. Anyhoo, there's lots happening here that I need to deal with before submitting my poor old left knee to the surgeon's scalpel again.

This is the last week at my current work & I can hardly wait until I start my new job the following week. My sweet colleagues are taking me out to lunch tomorrow which is lovely of them, they're all disappointed that I'm going, but so supportive of my decision to leave, bless them. I've decided that I need to really simplify my life as I'm going back to lots of travel again for work, so MOTH had better watch out, the winds of change are just about to blow briskly around The Hedge. And I just adore this simple farmhouse in upstate New York, just gazing at it is prompting the catalyst for the changes.

Now I just need to get through the next 5 days, wish me luck.


  1. Millie,
    Very sorry to read about your knee..... like you I was told at the age of 52 that I would have to have a full knee replacement due to "wear and tear" and developing osteo-arthritis.
    I recall leaving the office of the seemingly "heartless" ortho and bursting into tears in the middle of a very busy shopping precinct.
    I felt I was too young to have such a radical op and feared I would have to have another replacement further down the track, presuming I live to a "good" age!!!
    I am about to turn 60 and have lived with my "dodgy knee" reasonably well with regular exercise, hydro-therapy exercises and lots of fish oil!!! I realise I will need to have the replacement at some stage, but prefer to wait as long as I can.
    I have always believed that if the knee totally disrupts and affects one's quality of life, then you should act. I just wanted you to know that you can manage the knee dilemma to a certain extent, get on with life and your new job, and then revise the situation as the months pass and maybe become years.
    Good luck with your destination now that the train has moved onto a new station!!!

  2. Oh Mills. I'm so sorry to read about your knee. I hope you can get it over and done with ASAP with a swift recovery. I'm so delighted you only have a week left in the old job. Goodness, there's never a dull moment over at yours! J x

  3. Susan - thank you, thank you for your comment. Like you I'm going to try everything I can to keep going without a prosthesis for as long as I can. I even volunteered to be a lab rat for this new regenerative stem cell therapy. That offer was met with a very raised eyebrow from Dr. Gen Y whizz kid. Just have to work out a stategy for managing the pain without resorting to party drugs!

  4. Millie... That is a disaster with your knee but on the flip side I know that the replacement has changed peoples lives and once the rehabilitation is over they never look back... no pain no gain!! Good luck with all these changes... What a start to the year!! xv

  5. Oh my gosh that farm house is simply gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I've known women to have this problem in their mid 40s, so at least you have had a few years more. The first time I had a back spasm, I was shocked, but now I have to move carefully all the time. There is no warning, and I never know when it's going to happen. Oh, the things we have to endure as time works its dark magic. xx

  6. Sorry to hear that you need to have your knee done but look on the bright side you will be pain free..hopfully.
    Good to hear you are taking a step back...have a good week.
    Take Care

  7. Why can you not remember things when you need too? Somewhere, just recently, I read about a new treatment, during the surgery, that had the patients ready to go home the next day and having no pain....But apart from it being in Sydney I can't remember the rest!!!!!! Hopefully your Gen Y doctor may be able to recall the story! Best of luck whatever you decide to do and may the next 5 days just fly by. xx

  8. Oh total bugger about the knee Millie :( Loving that little farmhouse though and sounds like MOTH will be having some changes too, Ooo!

    Good luck for the week ahead,

  9. Dear Mill's,
    Although it's bloody rotten news about your knee,at least you know that , having it done as young as you are , it will probably change your life, as they get such good results.I know a couple of people who have had it done and it has transformed their lives.They are back to 'normal', so to speak. That probably doesn't help at the moment, but I'm sure that you will be running around 'The Hedge' like a twelve year old in no time ! I'm sure that the next five days will fly by and you can look forward to starting this new and exciting phase in your life.
    .....and, that house would be my dream house I think. The position, the brick floor in the entrance hall and the kitchen....oh how I love the kitchen.
    All the best Mill's, try not to worry about your knee and best of luck with the new job. Much love. XXXX

  10. So sorry about the knee Millie, but this is an operation that works really well these days, so I'm sure that you will be pleased with the result and you'll soon be jumping in and out of those rescue helicopters with the best of them.

    I'm really glad to know that you have found an alternative job, it didn't feel right for a bright happy soul like you to be caught in the wrong job situation. 2012 will be a good year at the Hedge
    love to you

  11. Hi Mills,
    What a bitter blow. But - like Susan - I've heard amazing things about fish oil, exercise and hydrotherapy too. Magnesium has also been mentioned. However, it sounds like you're fit enough to undergo surgery so perhaps that's not a bad option either...?
    Hope you can take some solace in the fact that you're not on the right train at least! (Professionally speaking.) I always try to think of the small victories rather than the big disappointments... For some reason it helps.
    Thinking of you.
    Janelle xx

  12. Ouch Millie, sorry to hear that the news on the knee is not so good. I like the simplicity of the farmhouse pictured - and I know what you mean about needing to simplify your life - I think we all need to do that regularly as we get so bogged down by life!

  13. I'm sorry about the news about your knee. My mother-in-law went through knee replacement a few years back, and she had a terrible time with it. My father had knee replacement within the past six months, and he's been doing really well. I hope you have a successful outcome.

    Good luck with getting through the next five days at work. Enjoy your farewell lunch.

    I love the farmhouse you've featured - I long for the simple life!

  14. Millie...

    You will be fine and with your medical background you will find the best doctors and ask all the right questions.
    Once it's all over, you will be so glad to have a new left knee. Being a bionic woman will be a good thing.

    I love, love, love the charming cottage you featured inside and out. Thank you for making my day ! ! !

    xo, Rosemary

  15. Bless you...Im 50 and my knees are creaking...scary stuff I think! I don't want scars :/
    The back room of this house with the brick floor? I love it!! Nice to see an empty house ..
    a clean slate :) Mine is getting too full. Good luck to you!

  16. oh Millie- I am so sorry. Just glad that you have MOTH there to take good care of you. We shall call him "Nurse MOTH" until further notice and he will be at your beck and call;)

    thinking of you...

  17. Oooohhhh Millie I'm so sad to hear of your knee!!!!! Take care my darling!!!!!
    That house is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!
    Big hugs.

  18. Oh my dear Millie!!!
    Bugger! what a bugger! don't you just hate these silly knees. Mine is playing up too and I'm too frightened to see what's wrong with it.
    Stay strong Millie! We all look up to you. If you can do it, so can we.
    Sending love, sending good wishes and sending lots of good Highland energy to you and Moth. I love the thought that I can send this Highland's energy
    down over the hills of NSW to you in SA. xxxxx Coty
    Blowing it down to you now!!

  19. I hate crying in car parks after specialist visits. So sorry to hear that a bit of elastoplast or apple cider won't repair it. Is surgery so bad? It could be the best thing ever if you are in pain and can't dance like you used to. Hope the decision is an easy one. It will be the right one that's for sure.


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