Saturday, March 31, 2012

Feet On Head

This is a yoga posture that I would NEVER have attempted, that is, until now. After my first week in the new job I reckon this would be a cinch, as I feel I've been in this position metaphorically speaking, for the past 5 days! Talk about being thrown in the deep end, I think I just managed to keep my head above water. With my new boss in London for the week, it was just me trying to do everything, & believe me there was more faking it than on the set of a XXX movie shoot!

There was only a short window of time each day where the boss was awake & I was in the office, so the phone ran red hot with everything I needed to ask him. Anyhoo, after a particularly difficult situation that I needed to wade into & resolve, he sent me a text saying I was worth my weight in gold. OK mate, at 75kg. (& no nasty comments please dear Hedgies, I'm dealing with it!), by my reckoning you owe me $3,854,400.00. Am I looking forward to seeing you pay up on that promise!

But at the end of the day you know what, I LOVE IT so far. Things may change on Tuesday when there's 2 of us working together, but I reckon it will be fine. So for everyone who's been emailing, FB'ing & tweeting me wondering how I'm going, you can all breathe a big sigh of relief. I was so stuffed last night I headed off to bed at 8.30p.m. much to puppy Lulu's disgust. She's been very neglected this week & was desperate for some play time, so after I've chucked this post up, it's off to the Puppy Park for at least 2 hrs.

MOTH's been given a Leave Pass to go to Melbourne to investigate a new business opportunity that may mean he can give his crook back a rest permanently (other than on our renos!). He's off to the MCG for lunch in the Long Room today with all his old mates to raise a glass or 6 to his very favourite Melbourne player Jim Stynes RIP. Then he reckons he'll see the Dee's absolutely crush the Lions at today's game. Only a long-suffering Melbourne supporter can have such optimism. He's having dinner with the Melbourne Sons 1, 2 & 3 tonight, which will be lovely. However Son 3 is doing the 20km. Tough Mudder race at Cowes on Philip Island today, so I'm not sure what shape he'll be in by dinner time. So there you have it, another week in the life of Miss Millie, I hope it's come up to everyone's expectations! I'm dedicating at least 3 hrs this weekend to Bloggie Wonderland, so you'll be hearing from me soon, that's a promise.

Image: Yoga for Veterans (what a hoot!)



  1. Well done Millie. Well done! I'm really glad it's all going to plan...and lets face it, if things turn pear shaped down the track, (although I'm bloody sure they won't) then so be it. Everything works out in the end
    Take care
    PS I think the D's just might win today....and the Cats to take the points tonight!

  2. Well I'm glad I stopped by Mills! Change is good! Here's celebrating changes that keep us on our toes both physically and mentally! Wishing you continued success and fingers crossed for MOTH!
    xo Lisa

  3. Glad to see you have surfaced for air Millie.
    I reckon every new job description sounds great but the actual in reality job itself always throws up the unexpected.
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. Still smiling over the more faking it...sounds great at work, well done!

  5. Oh dear. Sorry MOTH, spoke too soon.
    Maybe next week against the Eagles

  6. WE knew you could do it!!!
    Best of luck for next week, sharing an office!!!
    See you here in 12 months time!!!!! xx

  7. so great to hear the job is a winner! (& i hope that cheque comes through soon! might help with the Renos!).
    Also, bad luck to MOTH! Thought the Lions did a great job today :)

  8. Oooohhh Millie I'm so glad to hear that all is going ok!!!!!

    Big hugs my dear friend.

  9. Well done - sounds like you're MORE than rising to the challenge - but next time the boss calls and starts talking about how much you're worth - make sure you have the dictaphone turned on - lol!

  10. Hi Millie,

    So glad to hear that you are loving your new job.

    And don't worry Millie, I haven't been able to do moves like the one in the above picture since year 10, 1986!!!!! Things would get real ugly real quick if such a thing was attempted now!

    Take care

  11. Sounds like a satisfying if rather stressful week. Sometimes that can be a good thing! I personally wouldn't attempt the pose in the photo - there would be sniggers escalating to screeches of laughter from every other person (male and/or child) in the house as they would watch me try, and try, and try and then give up!

  12. So wonderful to hear the new job is sounding just the ticket, Mills. I am so pleased for you and hope it's a true portent if the coming months. Oh, and MOTH is truly an optimist! J x

  13. Wow, actually calculating what my worth in gold would be - now there's a great reason to dig into the chocolate eggs in the coming week if ever I've heard one!

    As for your transition Millie, I'm so pleased that you've not only come out the other side but that you're receiving true recognition and your still on your feet - nice one!

    Enjoy all that the remainder of the weekend brings, happy hug from afar,
    x F

  14. Millie I am so thrilled you are happy in your new position, err job!

    I used to be quite limber in my youth, cartwheels, flips, splits etc. had never tried this and certainly cannot now!

    Art by Karena

  15. I'm glad that things are going well at the new job - I think you're expected to fake it for a while at least!

    Good luck to Moth on the possibility of a new venture for him!

  16. millie-
    here just giving my 2 cents on the polished concrete floor you left a comment at pve.....yes. love it. do it.
    you hubs is right. just know that i love the grey color and all the character of the agragate coming up...that all depends on the pour and it is like christmas morning when you see the never know what you will get...but you will love it.
    just clean with water.
    we did radiant heat on the floor.

  17. It's so lovely to hear that all is going well in the new job Mill's, even though it's a little hectic..... it sounds as if it will continue to challange you but that you will enjoy every minute of it !!
    Re your comment on my last post.....I'm so with you on the brie, bread, cake and chocolate!! XXXX

  18. Hi Millie,

    So glad that your new job is going well and that you are loving your work, wishing you much success.
    Do hope that the promise of ... you being worth the weight in gold, will happen.

    Have a wonderful week

  19. You are so flexible! :) So he can bend you and you won't break!
    Nice to hear you like your job. Sorry for doggie who has her legs crossed all day.

  20. well done job wise :) it takes courage to take on new opportunities - good on you :) le xox


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