Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Son Of Steptoe

Son # 5 the Landscaper is doing a quick paving job for me this week. It's on a scungy bit of back deck where the clothesline is. He is a chip off the old block as all the materials excluding the sand are second hand. Or couched in more genteel terms, 'We are currently engaged in a project utilizing repurposed materials which have been sourced from a conflict-free, environmentally neutral source.' Which is probably gildling the lily a bit as the Landscaper scabbed the large sandstone pavers from a client who's new girlfriend didn't approve of them 'cos his ex-wife had chosen them & she wanted the lot ripped out & replaced to her specifications.....go figure.

Anyhoo, they have ended up here & I couldn't be happier. The Landscaper reckons once he's finished he'll give them a quick once over with the high pressure cleaner & they'll be gorgeous. And then I've been told I need to slap some black gloss paint over the hideous green railing.....just like that!

As a gesture of familial solidarity, the Landscaper reckons he'll give any lovely Hedgie in the Adelaide metro area & Adelaide Hills who books in a landscaping job between now & the end of April 2012 25% off the total cost of quotation. Irrigation, new lawns, topiary, paving, decking, garden lighting, ornamental pruning, water features - anything you want, he can do. If you're interested just drop me an email at thelaurelhedge@gmail.com for his contact details. He's got a stack of photos of his work up on his Facebook page too, so I can direct you to that if you're interested. Now we are just about even I reckon!!



  1. Your new paving looks very smart -I love the contrast with the diagonal ones and the straight border. Lucky you having a landscaper in the family. I'm working on brainwashing my kids to go into useful (for me!) jobs... a builder would be good, a dr for my old age ailments, a hairdresser would be useful. A landscaper is on the list too as I have grand plans but no skill! Surely out of the six children, I will strike it lucky with at least one or two?!!
    Clare x

  2. Oh Millie, I LOVE sandstone. We've got it in the backyard and it's gorgeous...and I have to admit I love "re-purposing" unwanted stuff.
    Number 5's done a spectacular job!

  3. What a sterling job your young man did Millie. If I was in the 'Hills' I would be recommending him to all my clients. I need a good landscaper, my last one sort of ripped me off with a sealing job. A-M xx

  4. Nice work son #5, I agree with the hideous green railing. Millie and MOTH go forth and paint

  5. Oh...pls dear Lady,
    Let he come over to Stockholm and I will be the most happiest lil girl on earth §;-)

    I need him to do some re-dos at D´Box, what he reckon, mate?

    Happy mid-week, Downunder...


  6. Tell me the truth Millie... that really is a flag pole in the middle and not a Hills Hoist !!! xv

  7. Well, he's done a very nice job Millie!!

    Love the Steptoe and Son photo, a very old show but so funny!!

    How's that knee of yours doing Millie? Take care XX

  8. I am sitting here stuffing my face with Haighs..does that make me an Adelaide girl?!!!!!
    Could really do with landscaper....no on second thoughts I thing I just need somebody with a backhoe to remove it all!!!!!!!!
    Sorry No 5 I don't mind the green!!! xxx

  9. Lovely job - I wish that your lovely landscaper could jet over here to Norfolk, England! xx

  10. Hi Millie,

    Your new sandstone paving looks wonderful and what a great job No 5 did.
    We removed our green on the deck rails and changed it to charcoal and still have the front entrance to de-greenafy. Green must have been popular back in the day.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.


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