Tuesday, January 18, 2011

29 Not Out

Happy 29th Birthday today to Son #4. A beautiful boy, at 9lb. 14.5ozs. he was the smallest of my babies, with a mass of black hair, the brownest of eyes & the cheekiest of faces. Always happy & smiling & according to all his brothers, always the centre of attention!

He's the upholder of all our family traditions, the most loyal of brother's, the life & soul of every party & the greatest practical joker on earth (think Russian Bride here!)

Son # 4 has lived away from home for nearly 10 years now & I've never ever had a single morsel of food prepared or cooked by him. With the gift this Christmas of a set of cookware from his baby brother, I was hoping that this would mean I may get to savour a 3 course meal from his kitchen before I shuffle off to the Nursing Home. However, a little bird told me that they had cause to open the oven at his house recently & found it full of dirty dishes, so I reckon I've got zero & no chance. Have a really happy day Sweetie & we'll see you tonight at our old family favourite, the Imperial Court, where once again you've cleverly handballed the cooking to someone else!



  1. From the look on Son#4's face when he received the saucepans, he didn't appear to know what they were for! Can see from the baby photos that you were obviously an exceptional mother giving your bub a Rubik's cube to play with - you should defiantly include that tip in the book on bringing up boys that you are going to write for us all.
    A belated happy birthday to you too. I hope your family spoiled you rotten in between all those bed linen changes.
    Clare x

  2. was and is beautiful- is that ok to say- yes, very handsome!


  3. the SMALLEST of your babies??????

    he's a looker~


  4. an oven full of dirty dishes...oh that sounds just like a bachelor, doesn't it! I guess he cleaned up a bit before the brothers came over! HAHA.

    He sure is handsome!

  5. hahaha busting out laughing at the look on his face!! Priceless, I must say. :)

    Happy birthday!!

  6. Happy BIrthday to Son # 4 Millie, I hope you have a lovely night together celebrating! By the way given the puzzled look on his face when he received his gift it is probably best that you are eating out. xx

  7. the look on his face is priceless Millie!
    i hope he does manage to cook something for his lovely mum.
    happy birthday to your handsome #4.

    although I may appear to be the domestic goddess, I too don't make many meals as the other half is a great chef & I cannot possibly compete. BAking on the other hand is my LOVE.

    thank you for your wonderful 2011 prediction Ms Millie.

    much love & hugs to you ♥

    p.s you HAVE to make that tart

  8. Big babies are best, I had one 9lb 14 and a half too, the second biggest for me. Looks like a fun night ahead, enjoy.


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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