Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Day, Another Room

After a huge weekend in the garden, this is where I found MOTH last night, making a start on the grotty 3rd bedroom. It's further along the upstairs corridor next to the Bathroom-From-Heaven. On the other side of this wall is the even grottier untouched large family room which I use as my home office.

This room is really a mini clone of the completed guestroom, just a lot smaller at 2.7m. x 4.3m. So just like it's fancier sibling, it will have its ceiling dropped, as the very weird tall raked look with beams c.1972 is just a haven for spiders & other creepy crawlies. The height also makes the room almost impossible to heat & is bitterly cold in the dead of a Hills winter. And yes, in case you were wondering, that is the original '70's light fitting, it will be 'archived'.

So MOTH's started to put the frame up around the walls ready to attach the plasterboard (dryboard) ceiling to. To do this is an 'interesting' exercise for a couple of our advancing years. We both climb up ladders, then as MOTH uses buckets of adhesive & nails to do the fix, I balance the board on my head to keep it elevated. Over the past 16 years of renovating together, we have perfected this technique. Photos will not be forthcoming.

The wardrobe is the original, a smaller version of the one in the Guestroom. Thankfully this time, MOTH won't have to relocate it to another wall, it can stay where it is. We'll paint it & keep the original handles, they still look OK & function well.

It will look like this, once I've used a zillion coats of MOTH's special recipe undercoat to make sure the old varnished timber finish doesn't bleed through the new topcoat. As soon as this room is finished it will become a cramped holding bay for everything that's in the final room, my home office. Once MOTH gets cracking with that reno. I'll need to set up elsewhere to work, so I guess this little room is where I'll temporarily end up. Not the prettiest of posts today, but the After pics will hopefully make up for it.



  1. It's going to be another wonderful room, Millie. I can see it now. Hats off to you and MOTH for renovating skills!

  2. Hooray for MOTH! Good to see there is no rest for the wicked...! Looking forward to seeing those afters.
    Clare x

  3. Gosh, MOTH doesn't like to sit still does he! Any chance he'd like to pass on his tips to staying so motivated? I know at least one hubby who could do with the help ;)

  4. millie

    he is amazing.
    and i would like to know what your brilliant secret is??
    how do you get him to take on these projects?
    ...or have you informed him that they are his 'hobbies?'
    if you wrote a book on instructions for a happy home,
    i would buy it!!!


  5. Wow, you guys don't rest on your laurels do you!? The house will be AMAZING when you're through with it!

  6. I was hoping for some action shots??? Love the bed head in the last shot and looking forward to the reveal of this room! ;-)

  7. Millie with plaster board resting on her head - now THAT I want to see! Chant with me...pho-tos pho-tos pho-tos...

  8. Dear Mill's,
    Well, it must be said that you have a real gem in that MOTH of your's. No sooner (?) was the BFH finished (even though it took a little while) than he's onto the next project.....mind you, it sounds as if you pull your weight too !!!! It is going to look wonderful and I will closely follow the room's progress. XXXX

  9. Hi Millie
    Well you can't keep a good man down. The bedroom will no doubt be a walk in the park compared to the bathroom from HELL now HEAVEN. We've had great success using metho based primer Zinssar on our aging pine Can't wait for the after photo's but there's probably money in the during photo's
    Kind Regards

  10. trying to figure out what that is above the window almost looks like a garage door. Am I being totally wacky here?

  11. Gosh almighty your remodeling adventures sound a lot like mine when I was younger, made more money and had more ideas, and was able.

    Painting finished stuff is a real pain in the a-s -- frankly speaking -- but I have done it by sanding the finish and adding the primer. Still, it peels off if a fingernail catches the edges.

    I am not sure it is possible unless done by professionals but it looks like your MOTH has done it.

  12. wow, millie, let no moss gather on you two! done with bathroom, on to the next! and i must tell you, i'm itching to come down under. oprah took her audience to australia mid-december. they aired the shows here last week. what beautiful countryside! i sooo want to visit. steve and i have put it on our "places to visit" list. pam

  13. Ooh, I can't wait to see it all done. It's going to be wonderful.
    Lila Ferraro

  14. Gee you two do well...I thought pictorial evidence of the balancing act would have been ace, oh well :)

    I was so chuffed with your comment...I'm all smiles now thinking how darn sophisticated I am.

  15. So glad to see that you are keeping MOTH working hard..and that balancing act would be a site to behold... ;0 Enjoy your week ~ Kym

  16. Awh, no photos? Glad to hear MOTH doesn't have to do it all on his own!

    Each finished room brings a sense of achievement(and relief) n'est-ce pas? David. x

  17. Wow, now that's what I call a project!!

    Can't believe you won't give us a photo though ;)

  18. Wow!! Fab-fab-FAB!!

    Happy Australia day!


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