Friday, January 21, 2011

Set Free

As well documented, MOTH's been trapped inside the house every weekend for the past 18 mths 'attending' to bathroom matters. This has meant that our jungle garden has been incredibly neglected, so he's been given permission to work outside on weekends for the next couple of months while the weather is warm. 'Inside can wait' I told him (I actually still can't believe I said that!).

He took me at my word & last Sunday attacked a huge area in the front yard, ripping out a whole heap of old woody trees & self-sown rubbish. It's already looking much better, so we can start to put into action what we have planned for that space. I do love the work of Holt Jordan & Joan Honeyman @ Jordan Honeyman in Washington DC. They have done wonders with this property in historic Delaware, especially the use of an old relocated train depot in the above 2 images as a garden guest house.

And I reckon this reworking of a rather neglected outdoor terrace space by Donald Lococo is fabulous.

Thanks to everyone for their very insightful comments on yesterday's post. It was really interesting to hear how you would deal with the same issue - & of course, the Queen of Dodgy Customers, Miss Renee Finberg put it all in perspective, as only she can. 'They are feral children and are only doing the best they can.' - can't top that!!! It's the weekend - go enjoy!


Images 1 & 2: Jordan Honeyman

Images 3 & 4: Donald Lococo


  1. yeah....
    let him out for a while...
    to weed!!


  2. Millie, you do make me smile. XXOO

  3. HI Millie
    That little train depot is delightful... would love one of those.. the pool also!!

    So.. hooray for MOTH.. being let out .. finally.. hehe.. and I just went back and Renee's full comment.. haha perfect.... Jack Nielson smile and all!!

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. OMG how beautiful is that space... and that was all in one weekend, now if I could get my husband to work that fast I would be a ridiculously happy wife!

  5. That's beautiful. I'd always rather be outside.. I just read Chairman MOTH's quote about blogs, very apt and very funny. Rachaelxx

  6. Never would have thought I needed a vintage train depot, but quite frankly, I don't know how we've managed without one! As always, you lead the way Miss Millie. Good to have you back charting our course through Blogland:) Meredy xo.

  7. what a lovely place this is!

    i'm sorry to hear about your fitful
    client. sometimes you lose no matter
    what you do.

    it is a good reminder to me to BE a
    grateful client.

  8. I had to laugh thinking if someone was new to your blog, they'd think MOTH had a severe case of ...well I won't say it. Only that he's confined to a bathroom. I love potty humor I'm afraid Millie. Sad I know. Boy a pool house is one of those things on my wish list some day. I don't care where I live, just want a pool house! As for Ms. Finberg, just have to love her, no? Have a great weekend dear Mills. xo xo deb

  9. Steve used to be so handy around the house, but somehow he's lost all abilities to do much of anything. Thank goodness he can still draw those pretty pictures! LOL
    That before and after is amazing. Hard to believe it's the same space!
    I've saved the first image of this post for inspiration for my future garden shed. Love the little shingles below...


  10. I got a "shed" that looks like your train depot but not as fancy. Kind of a poor man's "shop."

    By the way, "Abraham Lincoln was here at 6:00 AM."

  11. wow, that 'after' in the last photo is fabulous... you need to hand MOTH a pint and get him right on that!!


  12. Millie, they say the key to a successful marriage is the man knowing that the woman is in charge - dear MOTH is in safe hands and certainly has a long and happy life ahead not to mention a fabulous bathroom and an ever improving garden. Leigh

  13. What a GORGEOUS space!!
    Come visit my blog, I am doing a giveaway and would love to have you enter in!


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