Monday, January 31, 2011

Vodka Waffle Weave

Our long overdue Summer has finally arrived & with a vengeance! 40C. Saturday, 42C. Sunday & again today (104/108F). As I love this sort of weather I'm one happy chappy, but poor old MOTH was up a ladder in the third bedroom continuing the new ceiling frame most of the weekend & was doing it tough - heat rising & all that! What better way to finish such a hot day than with one of my favourite thirst quenchers, Millie's famous Cranberry Caprioska. Here's my recipe, & as I don't have exact quantities, the purists had better go & do something else.

Millie's Eye-Rolling Vodka Caprioska

  • In a big tall jug muddle 2 fresh limes that you've quartered with a couple of scant dessertspoons of raw cane sugar until all the sugar is dissolved.

  • Add a very generous slurp of good Vodka straight from the freezer which is the BEST place to store it.

  • And a big splash of Frangelico (about 1/3rd the amount of Vodka)

  • Throw in a heap of ice cubes & top up the jug with ice cold Original Cranberry Juice (don't bother with the Light stuff it's just not the same).

  • Serve in individual tall highball glasses with an additional slice of lime.

  • You will find the glass is empty pretty quickly, so by all means pour yourself another. However, about 1/2 way through the second glass you will notice your eyes beginning to roll around uncontrollably & your focus on distant objects beginning to fail. At this point I tend to slow down, to ensure I remain upright for the rest of the evening!!!

A good buy at this year's Post-Chrissie sales was a lovely white cotton waffle weave blanket for our bed. I paid under $60 for a KS at BB&T, & with the hot weather we turfed the doona & gave the new blanket a run.

We are generally around 5-7 degrees cooler at night up here in the Hills than our friends down on the Adelaide Plains, so still need a light bed covering on these hot nights. It was a winner!



  1. Yep 42 again today here. I am glad school hasn't gone back yet. The drink sounds just the ticket for these blisteringly hot days and who doesn't love a fresh waffle blanket. Have a lovely day Millie. Deb

  2. Lovin that drink Millie! I saved it tryin out for the ladies on super bowl weekend here!The blanky is like you beautiful and classic.Looks as if things at the house are movin along just fine .Im catchin up as we speak...

  3. That drink sounds so good for a hot and sunny day. Shall have to save it until the snow is all melted and we reach +27C rather than -12C (and that is a warm day)in our neck of Canada. Mary

  4. oh millie!
    you little stinker.
    that sounds divine.

    and as for the white cotton waffle blankies???
    i have a white cotton robe from the delano hotel in south beach that is just yummy after a shower.
    but add one of your Eye-Rolling Vodka Caprioska's
    and i am good to go' bye bye.'

  5. I'll take that bed AND some of that vodka!! :) Hee hee

    Love ya! Hugs

  6. I love waffle weave blankets (and my waffle weave robe!) - and I'm like you, even in summer, I like to have some kind of covering on the bed, even if that means cranking up the air conditioning (a typical summer's day here in Texas is 105 - 110 degrees).

  7. LOL, I like the "eye-rolling" description - I think it would do more than make my eyes roll though!!

    A stinker of a day here - I've been for a dip in the pool and that certainly helped :)

    Keep cool!

  8. Hi Millie, so glad summer has turned up for you! I love it too.. but as we travel (only day 11) the rain has been following us from the start! The drink sounds perfect for those high temps.. after MOTH gets off the ladder tho ;)

  9. I just hope MOTH was back down the ladder before any eye rolling started. I sense that wee drink would be ever so easy to over indulge on! xx

  10. Love the blanket and yes, vodka is definitely best served straight from the freezer! Rachaelxx

  11. Hi Millie, the vodka sounds so good I might just have to ditch the gin & tonic. I hope MOTH had a drink or two after he'd been up the ladder all day. Lee :)

  12. I could do with one or three of those right now Mill's.....need to drown my sorrows, as Andy Murray didn't really show up at the Australian Open on Sunday !!!!
    Gorgeous blanket too.....I can just see you and MOTH under there !! HEhe. XXXX

  13. I have not officially titled you 'Saint Millie'. I in fact had a dinner party Sat. evening & was frantically trying to come up with a few cocktail ideas. A bartender I am not. This looks very yummy and I'll be sure to watch for eyes rolling and cut them off. Stay cool you & MOTH.

    Cheers to you my dears xo xo

  14. Ooohhhh how I envy your sun and warmth right about now!!! Cold, windy and rainy here in the Northwest...Car thermometer said 32 degrees F. this morning as I shunted the kids to school. Brrrrr! I long for warmth and that drink looks pretty fabulous too! Hope you are well and enjoying that new bathroom of yours!


  15. yummy drink miss millie, thank you! best bit about all my international travel for work is slowly but surely creating a very well stocked bar of duty free drinky poos!! x

  16. Lovely drink! I'll have one. I love the waffle blanket, that would look stunning with my French bedroom furniture. Has got to be the next thing on my shopping list. xx


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