Thursday, April 21, 2011

Buona Pasqua

I've been feeling decidedly Italian this week. On the drive home from Melbourne, MOTH & I were reminiscing about the best food we've eaten together over the years. One stand out was a wedding anniversary celebration at the wonderful Gennaro's (R.I.P.) at Parkside. Gennaro presented us with Roast Capretto (Baby Goat) lovingly prepared by his Mamma the sous chef. It was one of those moments in life that you want time to stand still & never move on. I've managed to find a recipe that looks mighty good from chef Scott Conant - Moist Roasted Baby Goat (Capretto) with Peas, Fingerling Potatoes and Shallots here.

As Greek Orthodox Easter co-incides with the Christian calendar this year, goat has been plentiful in the market this week. So it's on the menu here at The Hedge this Easter weekend. I have the time & the enthusiasm - what a luxury.

So Buona Pasqua to you all dear Hedgies. It's the Easter break, so go enjoy.

Image: Not On The High Street



  1. Oh we will! So much feasting planned I imagine I will be rolling come Tuesday... Happy weekend to you too, Millie... gxo

  2. wishing you a wonderful easter sweet millie xoxoxo

  3. I have eaten goat meat when I was very young and during the War when meat and everything else was rationed. I no longer remember how it tasted.

  4. happy days Millie .... love that image :) le xox

  5. Millie ~ I'll have the vegetarian version.
    Have a Happy Easter.
    xo, Rosemary

  6. Millie thank you for adding the interesting chunk of information about the church hall conversion to my post. I can't believe the connection that you went to Sunday school there ~ wow, that really does make proof of the statement that it is a small world! I love Parkside, I spent most of my early university days living in bluestone cottages there.

    This sounds like a fab recipe. Just have to find me some goat....Have a wonderfully Happy Easter Millie!

    Virginia x

  7. Happy Easter Millie, to you and your family.
    Your goat meal will be delicious.
    Hope you have got to eat your share of hot cross buns and chocolate.


  8. Oh Millie ~ sending happy Easter day wishes to you, MOTH and family. It's going to be a great day! xx Deb

  9. HOpe you had a lovely holiday! Long time no visit... I know I"m bad... but it is sooo easy to look at blogs that are on FB... and then I forget to visit my favourite people like YOU! Hope all is well with YOU!!!


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