Thursday, April 7, 2011

Millie & The Rappers

Well that sure was an interesting few days in Sydney! Our Sales Meeting was held in one of the city's most salubrious & prestigious 6 star Hotels & my room was divinely luxurious. All well & good you might say except for one small point - these boys (or their equivalent) were my next door neighbours!!! I believe these lads fall into a musical category known as Gangster Rappers, & after 3 days sharing a common wall with them, boy do I know how they got that name. Now I have a pretty broad mind & am not one to deny anyone the right to party, but these lads, their groupies & a posse of minders wearing more gold chains than Tutankhamun gave it more than just a nudge, they pushed the party machine right off the cliff! The noise I could have tolerated, but the crunch was that my room had a locked connecting door to their's & that's where the trouble started.

From the time I checked in, my room was full of smoke which came wafting up under the door from many of these 'herbal' cigarettes the chaps & their 'visitors' were indulging in. Considering that the entire Hotel is non-smoking, I was not happy. Numerous calls to Management resulted in the lads being told to desist & slapped with a $500 per day additional 'housekeeping' fee. But it seemed the more warnings they got from the Hotel's meek & mild bespectacled front office manager, the more they smoked. Sadly I couldn't move rooms as the Hotel management reckoned the place was at 110% occupancy - could someone please explain to me how that works?!

So boys, I hope you enjoyed your stay but honestly, when I was woken at 6.30a.m. from my slumbers this morning by more 'fragrant' smoke wafting from under our shared door, that was the last straw. Don't count on me to buy your next album, it won't be happening. And to that famous global Hotel conglomerate, you owe me BIG TIME!!!!!



  1. What a great and awful experience. Being allergic to smoke, I can only imagine how miserable you must have been, but I'm curious if found yourself at times laughing for no reason uncontrollably, pondering the universe or having the munchies? Glad you are safe and sound back home at the Hedge. Love, Heidi

  2. Oh Mill's,
    Maybe you should just have inhaled deeply and wandered off into a world of your own !!!! haha.
    Joking aside, not the best room to have been put in.....would MOTH have told them off if he'd been there or would he have been outnumbered? Just put it down to experience, I guess. Hope that you managed to enjoy the rest of your stay.
    Sorry that I've been trouble.
    Hope that you haven't had any after effects and that you can still function as normal !! XXXX

  3. millie
    what a drag to be in a fabulous hotel and
    it stinks!!!


  4. I would go to the top with a letter and email and expect to be compensated!

    I would have had a migraine the entire time!

    Art by Karena

  5. Millie - you are so funny! I wish you were my neighbor. Joy

  6. Millie, I dont smoke so this would have annoyed me to no end. I agree with Karena maybe they can compensate you?
    What a way to have a great time spoiled.
    Sorry to hear it :( Julie in Holland

  7. Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs MOTH - hope you have a fabulous day! Leigh

  8. Where on earth did you get that picture from of one the the 'cigarettes'? There is more to you isn't there? Maybe they were famous Milly. You could become rich with that story!!!

  9. Millie - So sorry to hear this. There is nothing worse than smoke (cigarette or otherwise). I think the hotel should give you a voucher for a week's stay at one of their other posh locations so you and MOTH can vacation. A good topic for a blog post, in the same vein as your appliance post!


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