Monday, April 11, 2011

Luscious Limoges

Deb Taylor, a Sydney ceramicist uses Limoges porcelain to create fabulous pieces for her company Little White Dish. Deb says this material is the finest & smoothest of all & allows her to create beautifully defined lines in her pieces, with a fabulous translucency.

Functional pieces like this cream dish.

And this customized bowl with a touch of the quirky.

A sugar & creamer with a paper-thin relief design.

Pass the butter please!

Drinking from the Cherished cup.

Fabulous, functional colanders.

Pendants with attitude.

Pendants for the one you love.

The surprise element!

And now Deb's making these simple & quite beautiful memorial urns. Inside each one is a handmade silk drawstring bag to hold the ashes & the client who commissions the piece, chooses the words or quotation for the inscription. All images are from Deb's site littlewhitedish .

A big Thank You to everyone who left a message on Friday's Anniversary post - you are all too gorgeous! MOTH & I had a fab night out at The Table in Stirling. We are at the beginning of a really busy cycle in our lives, so thanks to Callum & Michelle for providing the most amazing Chatter Platter for MOTH & I to do a lot of chattering & synchronizing of diaries over! The evening finished on a high note when MOTH leant over & told me I'm exactly the same today as the bride who walked down the stairs to meet him at Carrick Hill 16 years ago. Not one for expressions of romance my MOTH, it was quite something!



  1. What beautiful pieces, I love the idea of the memorial urn.
    Congrats on your anniversary, I'm so glad you had a lovely night, and that MOTH made it so memorable with that lovely comment!
    Flick x

  2. Hi Millie,

    So glad you and Moth had a neat night out celebrating!
    I love the beautiful Limoges, the colanders would be so useful and the memorial urn such a great idea.

    Have a wonderful week

  3. That first pic is perfect for me tonight. I intoxicated myself with a wine or two after a hard days work and now I am sooo thirsty. Very Apt indeed.

  4. Beautiful urns! my niece's in-laws put their Nana in a casserole dish.

    They had two reasons - one, because they couldn't find a nice urn and two, because she took a casserole where ever she went.

  5. Oh Millie ~ I'm like one of those 'quirky' relatives that is always late to the party. I send you and MOTH happy anniversary wishes although sadly belated. MOTH sounds like my Mr., if words of romance and tenderness are uttered I stand tall and pay notice as they don't get uttered often. I've been so behind in the blogging world, missing your fab posts is like missing an hand. I hope you have a lovely new week. I do love Deb's creative genius. Such lovely pieces and so useable. The urn is an incredible idea.

    xx Deb

  6. So many pretty pieces and thrilled you had such a wonderful anniversary...

  7. I.WANT. Your taste, as always, is perfection Miss Millie. Thanks for sharing - this is going straight to my sidebar for lovely things:) Meredy xo

  8. These items are all so beautiful, just my cup of tea :)

    And I just love you and MOTH, the wonderful romantic that he is :) His comment made me gulp, how lovely xx


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