Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shopping Genie

G'Day Carson, MOTH here - guess what mate? On Sunday arvo in Melbourne I let my style genie out of the bottle & WENT SHOPPING!! Yep I know that you'll find it hard to believe BUT I DID!!!

I know the place I shopped at isn't probably exactly where you'd have taken me but hey buddy, I went & that in itself is miracle enough. Good 'ol Brand Smart Outlet Mall in Nunawading laid out the red carpet & I spent up big.

First I went here.

And then here.

I went in here & bought Mills a belated Anniversary pressie - a beaut new frypan to cook my dinner in.

I was fading fast by this stage, so needed to refuel here.

It was all going rool good & Millie was rool happy, until we got here. Yep, I couldn't resist a dash into my favourite place. Mills embarassed me a bit by crying like a baby & screaming, 'Don't do it MOTH, don't do it!!', but I didn't care a bit. 10 minutes later I was outta there & guess what - I'd spent 80 bucks & got 2 hoodies, a shirt & a pair of jeans, yep hard to believe eh. I reckon it will be 2016 before this gear wears out & I need to go back again. I bet you're proud of me. High Five Mate!!!



  1. MOTH I am hoping to recreate your epic shopping adventure in Melbourne tomorrow. If I see Carson I will pass on my regards. deb

  2. MOTH, I think Millie will forgive your shopping transgressions when you wear those jeans and hoodies to complete further renovations!

  3. It is odd that I read this to myself in what I imagine to be MOTH's accent!!!

    Very funny post MOTH & Millie - and who doesn't love a frying pan! My husband bought me a blender one year for my birthday, a very good blender mind ;)

    Thanks for making me giggle Millie :) xx

  4. Love the MOTH posts..this is a good one. Hope you enjoy your new frypan..Rachaelxx

  5. oh i agree with simone... even though i have never heard moth's voice... i pretend i am talking like him as i read this! hilarious..xoxo

  6. Millie - been running round in circles and getting nowhere fast myself over the last few months. Were you at least incognito when Moth raced into the final shop. I'd give anything to come home and see some roooool choice shops like that! Hey, lucky you! A frying pan to cook Moth's dinner in… Hope it's big enough to fit the Easter goat ;-)
    Much love Mills

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