Friday, April 29, 2011

Sign The Guest Book!

William & Catherine's Big Day Out has finally arrived........ please grab a pen & leave them a message on a piece of the virtual Royal Wedding Puzzle Guest Book here at The Hedge. But you'll need to sign it using your Royal name. Starting with Lord or Lady, your first name is one of your grandparent's names. Then your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barrelled with the name of the street you grow up on. Won't it be a hoot to see the results & great fun seeing everyone's messages to the Royal newlyweds. So please join me, Lady Edie Ginger-L'Estrange as we sign the Royal Guest Book, & go enjoy every minute of this very exciting day!


  1. Try to stay sane and normal you've got it just about right I reckon! Signed, Lady Ivy Moochie-Manuel (my royal name sounds more akin to Koo Stark's than the Queen Mother's!)

  2. Have a lovely Day from Lady Bridget Whisky Ireland ( member of the Irish Aristocracy )

  3. Best wishes to the royal couple

    ~ Lady Veronica Peter-Wolverton

  4. Dearest Wills and Kate,

    Do make every day of your marriage a honeymoon.

    With kindest personal regards, I remain truly yours,
    Lady Flora Bambi-Lakeshore

  5. Best of the British to you both, Lady Elizabeth Clissy-Heather of Orstralia

  6. May it be a (re) productive union! Best wishes from Lady Henriette Sasha-Clarendon xx

  7. This is fun!
    Best wishes from Lady Megan Sion-Brodorion. x

  8. Congratulations & Best Wishes.
    Lady May Charlie Forbes.

  9. Oh you got him! You got him after all that. Kudos to you.
    Lady Pilkington-Smythe

  10. Best Wishes to the happy couple
    Lady Amanda Peter-Hartington

  11. Nice one Millie, I hope you have managed to beat all those boys into shape and a state of frenzied excitement over the upcoming nuptials! ;)

    Lady Selima Mother-Boots-Underhill would like to wish the happy couple a long and wonderful life together - Aroha (love)

  12. Congratulations Will and Kate.
    Lady Millicent Oigle-Denman

  13. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. I'm sure you will have adorable babies together. Keep it fresh and try to make a date night at least once a month. Best wishes.

    Lady Irene Tiptoe-Park

  14. Still wondering where they will honeymoon. Maybe Africa? Maybe Australia? We shall see!!!
    Lady Elizabeth Grace Commodore

  15. my best wishes for a happy life. I am dying to know about honeymoon too. I bet it won't be fishing at Granny's house like it was for Diana and Charles. !

    Lady Olive Snuggles-Wallace the Third.

  16. Remember to breathe, Catherine.

    Lady Bessie Tiger-Queen

  17. What a great idea Millie :)
    Congratulations Wills and Kate - I'm settling in for the wedding coverage.
    Lady Katherine Tibby Topaz

  18. All the best to Wills and Kate on this special day! I am already glued to the boob tube!
    Lady Nina Penny Willow Drive

  19. Congratulations signed LADY MABEL from the STABLES

  20. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!
    Enormous congratulations for pulling off a beautiful wedding.
    Lady Vilena Pancake LaGrange

  21. Wishing you only the best, William and Catherine

    Yours affectionately

    Lady Dora Pippy-Heathcombe.

  22. Congratulations on your gorgeous royal wedding! Wishing you love, happiness, joy and lots of fun!!

    Lady Genevieve Ginger-Langton!

  23. All the very best to both of you and may you have a long and happy future together.

    Lady Alice Barnsley -Atchison

  24. LADY Catherine Mary Griffith at your service.
    Millie you are a hoot!
    I think I may now be able to leave comments again. Yea!!

  25. I love this - the best idea Ive seen on a blog for this wedding.
    Best wishes to the wedded couple
    Lady Audrey Tiny-Marshall (the worst yet I think!)

  26. oooh, what fun. i love games....

    many years of happiness, will and kate!
    Lady Beulah Sneaky - Lilac

  27. best wishes to the lovely couple.
    i only wish their lives are as beautiful as they are

    lady renee finberg of boca raton florida
    where it is already 90 degrees and humid

  28. With best wishes to the beautiful Bride & Groom

    Lady Eleanor Boscar-Gore

  29. Best wishes from the Arizona Desert!

  30. How totally delicious.
    Sorry I am late in arriving, I have had to have medical treatment after a dreadful close encounter with Princess Beatrice, or more particularly her...gulp hat.
    And then there was That Incident involving, well you-know-who, and the rather strange canapes
    Bubble and Squeak with Confit Shoulder of Lamb (from the official list)

    I remain, as ever (albeit slightly bruised)
    The Lady Gwendoline Snowball-Nile
    (of The Wandering Snowball-Niles)

    close friend and confidente of Jane of Australia

  31. Best Wishes,

    Lady Elsie Fluffy Argyle.

    I am loving this by the way.

  32. My late but nonetheless sincere best wishes


    Lady Isabella Podgy-Pearson

  33. Fun idea Millie :)

    To A Beautiful Couple....all happiness, love conquers all :)

    Lady Muriel Bridie-Church

  34. Oh what fun Lady Edie Ginger L'Estrange
    (very classy!)

    Happiness always to William and Kate. Congratulations and best wishes.

    Lady Nevada Abdul-Christian

  35. Oh, sorry. I think I fell asleep on the chaise longue in the west wing. Have only just emerged. Shame I missed them leaving. Will catch up at Philip's 90th.

    Lady Sophia Dorothea Joey-Earl

  36. Lady Eunice Louie-Napier is very apologetic about her lateness, and thinks that it probably isn't fashionable on such a royal occasion. Nevertheless, she wishes the young newlyweds a long and ever so happy marriage, and thinks they should take tips from Lady Edie Ginger-L'Estrange and Lord MOTH. xx

  37. This is so funny! I am Lady Una Puss-Kingfisher and my husband is Lord Ernest Snoopy-Derner. Our advice to William & Kate is: we don't think you need any, you seem to know just what to do! Rachaelxx


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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