Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blanc de Blanc

Phew that was a huge week! Another year, another Kick-Off Meeting - overblown, undercooked, a cast of thousands & too many Chiefs & not enough Indians, enough said. All this was tempered however by the surroundings where all the 'stuff' was presented, The Observatory Hotel in The Rocks. Over the years I've been fortunate to travel to a lot of countries & stay in some pretty amazing places for work, so I can't believe this little gem has alluded me up to now. It's the only Orient Express hotel in Australia & so is indicative of all that goes with that unique brand. However for me, my stay was made extra special by the hotel staff. Warm, welcoming, generous, utterly professional yet without a sniff of pomposity or snobbishness, each & every one of those gorgeous people are at the top of their game. Thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my grateful heart, I need to return, I will & soon.

I noticed as I was flipping through their Collections portfolio in my room, that our friend at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Raymond Blanc has designed & opened 4 new Suites. Here's Ray spruiking the new digs, very nice mate. I have thought before that this should be the venue for my long dreamt about Hedgies Bloggers Retreat & seeing Raymondo waxing lyrical, I've locked it in. It's the weekend, so go enjoy!



  1. Loved hearing about The Observatory Hotel in The Rocks, Sydney. Sounds beautiful. Sadly, I suspect it's out of my price range. And Raymond's new rooms sound amazing. I once had the opportunity to stay at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons (in the old rooms) and dine in the restaurant, but I couldn't find it! I drove around and around Oxfordshire for three hours going crazy with confusion, until finally I gave up and went back to London! So yes - please have a Hedgies Bloggers Conference there so I can finally see it. The garden is meant to be incredible! Janelle

  2. I should actually like the bluebell room thank you!!! xxx

  3. Millie so gorgeous!! Love La Orangerie!

    Art by Karena

  4. ...........deep sigh..... I truly enjoy my voyeuristic travels with you Millie and this is no exception.
    Raymond made me giggle with his pronunciation of ah-mazing - I get teased by my family all the time for saying it this way too.
    As for his 'blanc de blan' rooms.....Jade is the space for me.

    Happy weekend to you & MOTH

  5. sometimes the only things that make the work conference / meetings things bearable for me was great room service and no one I had to share the remote with :) le xox

  6. Oh Mills, I'm so delighted you experienced the Observatory's delights. Heaven on earth, don't you think? Start planning that Retreat- I'm in like Flynn! J x

  7. Sydney is my home town and I've enjoyed many a day exploring The Rocks area. Put me down for the retreat too Millie!

  8. Another week in such white is the prescribed tonic! No meetings. Lovely visuals!

  9. Hi Millie,

    Thanks for sharing this, glad you were able to stay in a beautiful place, while in Sydney. Isn't the Rocks a fun and exciting place.
    I enjoy watching any cooking shows with Raymond Blanc - we have just started watching his show, following some new recruits learning the ropes, as front of staff at swanky and high end establishments.
    Very entertaining.

    Have a wonderful week

  10. Millie,
    I am so tickled that you are joining the Grandma Club! What fun you will have.
    Hugs to you and the adorable MOTH.

  11. Looks really lovely. I love the Orient Express hotels, I have stayed in a few of them in Asia, the service is very personal and the experience in these hotels/resorts feel very intimate. My first time visiting your blog, will come often for more reading.


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